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When Downtime Is Not An Option.

Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE) is a full service electro-mechanical repair and diesel repair contractor. We offer a wide array of services including repair of rotating machinery and pumps, electric motor and generators, diesel engines, governors and controls, hydraulics, welding and valve repair. We also offer a full service parts counter and repair of diesel fuel injection equipment. PCE has been servicing the Maritime market (Navy, commercial and private yachts) offering turnkey solutions for over 40 years. We take great pride in responding promptly with on-site teams of experienced technicians and skilled tradesmen.

Authorized Service Dealer for:

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PCE Services Include:
Machinery and Control Systems
  • Main & auxiliary boiler controls
  • Burner management
  • Monitoring systems
  • All auxiliary systems control
  • Ballast controls
  • Main Engine Turbines
  • Generator Turbines
  • Main Feed Pumps/Turbines
  • Forced Draft Blowers/Turbines
  • Fuel Oil Service Pumps
  • Lube Oil Service Pumps
  • Attached Pumps
  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Condensate/Distillate Pumps
  • Fire Pumps
  • CHT/VCHT Pumps
  • Jacket Water Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Steering Pumps
  • Fuel Oil/Lube Oil Purifiers
  • New Installations of Machinery and commission testing
  • Precision Laser Optic Shaft Alignment Service
  • Air Compressors
  • Reduction Gears
Evaporators, Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Condensers
  • Distilling Plants
  • Main and Auxiliary Condensers
  • Main and Auxiliary Lube Oil Coolers
  • Prairie Air Coolers
  • Air Extractors and Condensers
  • Brominator
  • A/C and Refrigeration Plants
  • Reverse Osmosis Units and Accessories
Hydraulics & Deck Equipment
  • Steering Gear
  • Capstans
  • Anchor Windlass
  • Stern Gate Hydraulics
  • RAST Track repair and System Overhauls
  • Winches
  • Cargo Cranes
  • Side Port Cranes and Doors
  • Watertight Doors
  • Deck Hatches
  • King Post/Sliding Padeyes
  • Cargo/Weapons/Aircraft Elevators
  • Helo Hanger Doors
  • Hydraulic Cylinders/Rams
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller Systems
  • Boat Davits
  • Vehicle Ramps
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors
  • Leslie Valves
  • Boiler Control Valves
  • Safety and Relief Valves
  • Bleed Air Valves
  • Pressures Seal Steam Valves
  • Ballast Valves and Controllers
  • Governor Valves
  • Steam Admission Valves
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Fire Main Valves
  • Sprinkler Valves
  • Pneumatic Control Valves and Accessories
  • High Pressure Air Manifold and Reducer
  • Lube Oil/Fuel Oil Control Valves
  • Remote and Local Systems
  • EIM
  • Morpac
  • Limitorque
Valve Operators
  • Limitorque
  • Rigid Rod
  • Teleflex
  • Valve Motor Operators
  • Valve Hydraulic Operators
  • Woodward Governor Authorized Independent Service Facility
    • Diesel Engine
    • Turbine
    • Hydraulic
    • Mechanical
    • Electric
Structural and Piping System Fabrication, Installation and Repair
  • Structural fabrication, installation and repair
  • Piping fabrication, installation and repair
  • Watertight/Joiner door replacement and repair
  • Welders certified for steel, aluminum, stainless, steel, copper material and exotic materials
  • Opening, closing, blanking and air testing of tanks and voids
  • Expansion Joints
  • NDT Level II (Dye Penetrate)
Machine Shop Services
  • Provide Machine Shop Services support for overflow manufacturing and repair
  • Wide range of stock on hand
  • Full service machine shop
  • Electric motor and controller removal, repair and installations
  • Electric valve operator repairs
  • Electrical alterations and installations
  • Switchboard cleaning, testing and repair
  • Tank Level Indicator (TLI)
  • Generator brush rigging slip ring service
  • Generator cleaning services
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Hermetic motors
  • Driveline Overhauls
  • Controls
  • Thermostats
  • Installation
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Filters
  • Oil Samples
  • Refrigerant analysis
  • Cascade systems
  • Industrial, Commercial and Process refrigeration
  • Ice Machines
  • High Pressure (HP) and Low Pressure (LP) Turbines
  • Ships Service Turbine Generators (SSTG)
  • Turbine Driven Main Feed Pump (MFP)
  • Turbine Driven Forced Draft Blowers (FDB)
  • Turbine Driven Main Circulating Pump
  • Turbine Driven Fire Pump
  • Main Feed Booster Pump
Field Services
  • Generator Electrical and Mechanical Repair
  • Woodward Governor Repair and Testing
  • In-Place Cleaning of Generators
  • Switch Board/ Switch gear cleaning
  • Laser Alignment
  • Equipment Removal and Installation
  • Vibration Analysis
Testing Capabilities

Motor Testing is an integral part of predictive maintenance of electrical motors and generators. At PCE we focus on troubleshooting your problems through a series of tests:

  • Core Loss: To determine whether a motor has a damaged iron core
  • Megger: To test the continuity of motor windings and transformers
  • Surge Compression: Fast accurate detection of insulation faults in windings, coils, solenoids, fields, stators and transformers
  • Bench Testing: To measure mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics
  • Load Bank Testing: To simulate a solid-state load and provide constant power and current loading on circuits for precision testing
  • Vibration Analysis Testing
Mechanical Services
  • Full Service Machine Shop
  • Pump Repair and Overhaul
  • Manufacture New Shafts
  • Hydraulic Cylinder/Ram Repair
  • Valve Repair
  • Dynamic Balancing to 1000lbs.
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Pump ad Motor Alignment
  • Electro-Brush Plating
  • Welding
  • Blowers and Air Handling Equipment Repair
  • Electric Motor Rewind
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Our Guarantee

At PCE, we pledge to provide you with the highest level of integrity and expertise; to recommend only what’s good for you and your situation; to use all resources possible to minimize downtime; to give the best value for your dollar; and to stand by our work and our word.

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