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What Kind of a Woodward Governor do you need?

What Kind of a Woodward Governor do you need?

Woodward governors are a staple of many diesel engines. The governor is a part of a diesel engine that monitors and regulates the amount of fuel fed to the engine. This way, the governor actually determines the speed of the boat. Without a governor, a diesel engine would have no throttle control or the ability to change or maintain the speed.

It is therefore vital to keep this part functioning properly and to know how to adjust it to your liking and needs. There are several different types of Woodward governors, but their operating principle is the same, and they largely have the same functions. If you are unsure about tuning the governor, or you need spare Woodward governor parts, find a reliable partner to help you. PCE functions as an Authorized Independent Service Facility for Woodward governors.


The most common application of the governor is monitoring fuel intake of engines. However, this useful device has several other secondary functions. The smaller models are almost exclusively used for engines, but the bigger devices with more power are easily applicable to a variety of industrial turbines and pumps. 

Furthermore, they are not limited to diesel engines either. They can be used to monitor gas, gasoline or even steam machinery.

Mechanical-hydraulic governors

Older versions of Woodward governors use mechanical-hydraulic control over the fuel delivery system of the diesel engine. They have the option of either using isochronous operation mode or droop operation mode. If you need to ensure that you get a constant speed, the isochronous mode is the right for you. 

However, if you are looking to share the load between the engines equally, the droop mode is designed for this purpose. Since they are mechanical, these governors can be operated manually and shut down if needed. Depending on the make and model, these devices can be lubricated by their own oil system or can be connected to the engine’s lubrication system.

Electronic governors

These governors are of newer make. As the technology progresses, mechanical controls are replaced by electronic ones. The same thing happened to governors as well. A big advantage of an electronically operated governor is the response speed. Analogous control which is used with mechanical governors is a sine wave, so it increases and decreases in value relatively slowly

A digital signal, used by electronic governors only has two states, ‘on’ or ‘off’, 1 or 0. This makes the response far quicker and more precise. Even though the delay may seem insignificant, the reliability and safety of engines are greatly increased by the introduction of electronic governors. The majority of electronic governors have a failsafe mechanism in the unlikely scenario when the electronic control fails. They are most commonly paired with a mechanical backup system.

Pressure compensation governors

It is unlikely that you will ever use this type of governors. These devices are used to control the speed and fuel flow of the largest engines. They have a variety of industrial and propulsion uses. They can be used to either control the constancy of speed or to limit the load. 

As they operate with big and powerful machinery, they are installed with a failsafe mechanism. They are able to cut the engine off in case of a pressure drop in the lubricating oil. Without this mechanism, the engine would continue operating without proper lubrication, resulting in breakages.

PCE is a San Diego company with over 40 years of experience with electro-mechanics and diesel machinery. The US Navy often contracts this firm for a variety of projects. If you are on a lookout for a reliable and experienced partner for your mechanic and electro-mechanic needs, contact PCE

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