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What Isn't Covered by Cummins Warranty?

What Isn't Covered by Cummins Warranty?

There used to be a time when only a select few products came with warranties. Those days are long past now, and top-notch Cummins warranties for new and refurbished marine engines are readily available to both professional and recreational users.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look into the specifics of Cummins marine warranty repairs, including what isn't covered by Cummins standard and Cummins extended marine engine and generator warranties. Read on to learn more.

What isn't included in Cummins warranties?

One of the reasons Cummins warranties are held in such high regard is precisely because there isn't much they don't cover. Most importantly, they don't include standard maintenance. However, this is something that applies to the majority of products out there.

Likewise, Cummins warranty doesn't cover damages that occurred as a direct result of improper or negligent use, storing, or transportation of the marine engine or generator in question.

What is Cummins standard engine warranty?

Cummins standard warranty protects the owner against normal defects and problems that an engine might experience over the course of the first few years of use. It lasts for two years, or 250,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The standard Cummins warranty includes:


  • 100% labor and parts on warrantable failures (which includes failures that occur due to faults in Cummins workmanship and materials).
  • Towing or travel in cases where the engine becomes unusable because of a warrantable failure.
  • Aftertreatment is also included.

The standard Cummins warranty package is designed to cover the majority of possible engine uses. That being said, professionals and heavy duty users should consider getting the extended Cummins warranty.

What is Cummins extended warranty?

A basic Cummins warranty lasts for two years (or 250,000 miles, depending on what comes first), and protects the user against failures caused by defects in Cummins manufacturing processes and materials.

Extended Cummins warranties include:


  • Instantaneous coverage benefits.
  • Repair of failures that occur as a result of defects in design, materials, or workmanship.
  • Multiple different levels of coverage.
  • Standard base Cummins warranty package (before extended warranty starts).


The extended Cummins warranty is bought either within one year of the expiration of the base warranty, at the time of the engine purchase, or before the base warranty expires. It's primarily designed for professional users or users who want extra peace of mind.

Why should you get a Cummins extended warranty?

Few people have the means to pay upfront for expensive repairs and component replacements. A dependable warranty package allows you to promptly address any problem you may have with your engine, which is doubly important if you rely on the said engine for your livelihood.

More importantly, warrantied products are warrantied for a reason: the manufacturer is certain of their quality and reliability. This is doubly important when it comes to marine engines. After all, a disabled marine engine can put your life in danger by getting you stranded at sea. Having a first-rate warranty is crucial.

What is Cummins emissions warranty?

All types of Cummins warranties also come with a Cummins marine emissions warranty. This warranty guarantees that the engine in question complies with all emission regulations for commercial marine vessels that were relevant at the time the engine was produced.

Who provides efficient Cummins marine warranty repairs in San Diego?

Located near Loganheights, PCE (Propulsion Controls Engineering) offers the finest marine engine repair, maintenance, and installation services in San Diego. With over 40 years of industry experience under our belt, including many successful contracts with the US Navy, we are uniquely qualified to deal with any engine-related issue you may have.

Give us a call today, or pay us a visit at our premises. We will gladly show you why we're the best. 


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