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What is Motor Rewinding?

What is Motor Rewinding?

Electric motors are a vital part of most military, industrial, or civilian vessels. But as with all mechanical parts, extended use will result in a decrease in performance due to wear and tear. Needless to say, this causes the motor to eventually burn out. When a motor breaks down or starts showing signs of an imminent burnout, you’re faced with a choice: buy a new one, or take the old motor to a reputable San Diego motor rewinding service. But what is motor rewinding, exactly and how is it different from the regular process of motor repair?

Put simply, it’s an armature winding process that enables your old motor to regain some - or even all - of its original efficiency. When performed by a reliable motor rewinding service, it revitalizes the motor and allows you to get a few more years out of it even if it failed to start at some point. While this undoubtedly sounds great, there are a number of factors you should consider before deciding to rewind. Read on to learn more about motor rewinding fundamentals, such as the motor rewinding formula.

What is motor rewinding and what are its drawbacks?

A motor’s operating cost is directly dependent on how many hours it runs per year, and how much horsepower it supplies. The lower the operating cost, the higher the motor’s efficiency per dollar. Small or seldom-used motors cost a lot less to run even if they aren’t as efficient as the larger models.

This raises a question: does it make financial sense to have your motor rewound if doing so would make your operating costs no different or even higher than before? Or is it a better idea to replace the old motor with a modern energy-efficient alternative with lower long-term operating costs? The answer depends entirely on your own specific needs and situation.

What is motor rewinding used for? Can it fix any burnt out motor?

Unfortunately, no. A motor can’t be successfully rewound unless its magnetic core is in good condition. Moreover, not all motors are worth rewinding. If your motor is more than a decade old, has been improperly rewound before, or has been damaged in certain irreparable ways, chances are, you’re better off buying a replacement instead of rewinding.

There is also the question of the motor’s stator core. The stator core is a rotating armature positioned inside a fixed stator. It consists of a combination of copper wire windings, and stacked and insulated iron laminations. There are multiple ways in with a stator core can break down.

For instance, extreme overheating or moisture can cause failure of the stator winding insulation. This normally means the core itself is undamaged and - once the old winding is removed - can be rewound by any company that provides generator repair in San Diego. On the other hand, bearing failure usually leads to the armature grinding against the stator and causing irreparable damage that no amount of rewinding can fix.

Now you know what is motor rewinding, but do you know who does it best?

Have you decided to buy a replacement for your burned out motor? Or do you prefer to rewind your old one and get a bit more mileage out of it? Whatever your needs, PCE will fulfill them in a reliable, professional manner born of more than 40 years of industry experience. We are one of the most dependable ship repair companies in the world, as proven by our many lucrative contracts with the US Navy. Reach out to us today.

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