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Everything you need to know about Volvo injector repair

Everything you need to know about Volvo injector repair

Whether due to a malfunction or due to the regular wear and tear, you will have to replace or repair your fuel injectors in any engine. Some engine manufacturers are very specific in their fuel injector design, so only experts can actually help you with this problem. 

Some other companies make it very easy for pretty much anyone with the minimal skill to repair or replace. However, it is a good idea to at least contact a reliable mechanic before you attempt a Volvo injector repair.

A sign of trouble                               

There are some very obvious ways your engine will let you know that there is something wrong with the fuel system. Since faulty fuel injection starves the engine, it will start to misfire and the overall power output will be reduced. The misfires can start innocuously at first and get progressively worse, to the point when the engine cuts off immediately after starting, or fails to start at all. You can still technically use an engine with faulty fuel injectors, but this is strongly discouraged. 


If you suspect that your Volvo fuel injectors are faulty, first you must establish if that is really what is going on. The first step is visual inspection. If you see anything out of the ordinary, any leaking, chances are you have a faulty fuel injector. 

Additional testing, such as hooking the engine up on a diagnosing tool can help you determine which cylinder and which injector are causing the problem. Once you have established that, you can proceed with repair/replacement.

Repair or replace?

At this point, you need to decide whether you want to attempt to repair the injector or replace it altogether. Damaged o-rings which hold the injector in place are the most common small damage to the injector. In this case, you can repair it fairly easily. However, if the problem is bigger, your best bet is to replace the injector altogether.


If you have opted for this route, you need to be able to access your injectors. Disassembling an engine is a very delicate process and should be done very carefully. Remove all the hoses, and lift the rail cover. Once you have access to the faulty injector, you can easily replace the broken part, and reassemble the engine in reverse order.


This course of action is better taken when the damage to the injector is more substantial, or if you aren’t as confident. When replacing parts, it is a good idea to buy original parts, since the manufacturer of the original parts certainly has the best replacements. Specifically, when replacing Volvo fuel injectors, you want all of the injectors (both the old ones and the newly installed) to work equally. This can best be achieved with original parts. 


There is really no preventing some cases of fuel injector failure. However, there is something you can do to help your odds. Regular maintenance can really do wonders. Additionally, changing your fuel injectors regularly can go a long way in keeping your fuel injection system fresh and fully operational. Finally, the quality of fuel is no minor thing when considering the durability of fuel injectors. If you feed your engine quality fuel, you ensure that it runs well for longer.

If you are experiencing issues with fuel injectors with your Volvo or any other diesel engine, you should probably contact a mechanic, rather than attempt to sort the problem yourself. PCE has over 40 years of experience with all things diesel. Contact PCE for more information.

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