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How to Repair Common Diesel Engine Problems

How to Repair Common Diesel Engine Problems

Like all machines that contain moving parts, diesel engines will eventually fail due to damage caused by constant wear. While a dependable diesel truck repair service in San Diego can get your burned out engine running again in no time, knowing how to correctly maintain your truck will avoid pricey repairs down the line.

Unlike gasoline-powered engines, diesel engines need no tune-ups. However, this doesn't mean they can't break down due to various reasons. Read on to learn how to keep your diesel truck in tiptop shape and how to deal with common diesel engine issues.

How do you troubleshoot a diesel engine?

As any long-standing member of the California Trucking Association will tell you, there is an easy way to troubleshoot most problems with a diesel engine. All you have to do is look at the color of the smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Black smoke is caused by a fuel to air ratio imbalance. Either there's not enough clean air in the engine, or too much fuel is being delivered. This can often be caused by a faulty injector pump, cylinder head problems, a bad turbocharger, or a dirty air cleaner.

Blue smoke, on the other hand, likely means there's a leak inside the engine that's causing it to burn motor oil. Finally, white smoke indicates that the fuel that's being injected into the cylinder isn't burning properly. This can happen due to low engine compression or fuel starvation to the pump.

How to repair a diesel fuel tank?

Due to the stress of daily driving and the rusting that comes with age, diesel fuel tanks may eventually start leaking and/or gathering a corrosive buildup on the inside of the tank. For this reason, before any repairs start, a diesel tank should be thoroughly sandblasted on both the outside and the inside.

Afterward, the fuel tank should be extensively patched (usually by welding), pressure tested, and coated with epoxy to prevent further leaking and rusting. This process can even be performed on brand new fuel tanks to prolong their lifetime and prevent future issues.

Do glow plugs need replacing?

Glow plugs are heating components designed to help warm up your diesel engine so as to facilitate correct diesel fuel combustion within the engine. As with all vehicle parts that are exposed to serious heat and stresses, glow plug failure is something that happens eventually no matter how well you take care of your truck.

Because glow plugs prevent starting issues in low temperatures, keeping them in good working order is critical to ensuring your truck always works regardless of weather conditions. Failing glow plugs lead to engine misfires, black smoke from the exhaust, loss of fuel economy, and other issues that can permanently reduce your engine's life.

While you can start a diesel engine without glow plugs, it's not recommended. For one, you don't want to end up getting stranded somewhere during your long-awaited shopping trip to the Westfield Horton Plaza in San Diego. Even if your vehicle manages to start, driving without glow plugs can seriously harm your battery and starter.

The leading diesel engine repair service in San Diego

Fixing your diesel engine isn't a problem if you're an experienced mechanic who possesses the knowledge and the tools needed to conduct such repairs. That being said, most truck owners aren't in that position. That's where PCE comes in.

We are a first-rate engine repair, maintenance, and replacement company that boasts more than 40 years of experience working in this industry. Our expertise and professionalism have led us to establish a successful ongoing cooperation with the US Navy. Call us today and take advantage of our top-of-the-line engine-repair techniques and equipment.

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