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Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Your Submersible Pump

Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Your Submersible Pump

If you have problems with waterlogging in your basement or any other part of your property, for whatever reason, you know how much effort and time needs to be devoted to cleaning the mess up. However, submersible pumps help a great deal. 

Still, a lot of people are not familiar with proper maintenance of these important pieces of equipment. If you do not keep them well maintained, you may end up needing expensive repairs. Trying to find a pump service in San Diego is fairly easy, with PCE being at the forefront of the market for decades. However, before you take your pump, you may want to explore the possible things which can cause performance issues.

Maintenance Can Offset the Majority of Problems

There are several different kinds of maintenance, but even a single maintenance per year can do a lot to prevent major problems with your pumps. Qualified experts can discover problems even before they cause both you damage, both to the pump and the area you are pumping water from.

Power Supply

If your pump is on all the time, or at least for extended periods of time, you can certainly expect a bit of wear and tear after a while. The power cable has a certain life expectancy, after which time you will need to replace it. It is always recommended that you do not perform any repairs or modifications on electrical appliances if you are not qualified, but find a certified electrician to do the task for you.

However, the electrical problem may be even simpler than that. It could be the case of a blown fuse. If there was a surge, your pump may have overwhelmed the circuit breaker. In that case, simply flip the breaker, and you are in the clear. Still, you should keep a close eye on the fuses in case it happens again.

Resetting the Pump

One of the great things about submersible pumps is that they can operate without your direct supervision for extended periods of time. However, these pumps are not infallible, so interruptions in the operation may happen. In that case, you may need to help your pump restart.

One of the most common reasons for a pump to stop working is corrosion. If the corrosion is light, you can simply tap the discharge line, and the pump will resume work as normal. However, if the damage is more extensive, you may need to consult a repair service.

Cleaning Out the Clogs

If neither of the two previous fixes manages to repair your pump, there is another simple possible solution – the pump is full of debris. In order to check this, you first need to turn the pump off and unplug it. It is much easier to diagnose this problem if you take the pump out of the water where it works.

The first step is to visually inspect the sump pump and carefully remove any debris you can see. If there is nothing visible, lift the float switch and ensure that it can go all the way up and down. Once the pump has been cleaned and checked, you can return it to its workplace.

Repairing the Pump

If none of these simple solutions have sorted your problem, you will need to consult a pump repair facility. If you don’t have a designated pump service in San Diego, consider consulting Propulsion Controls Engineering, a company with over 4 decades of experience with mechanical engineering.

During this time PCE has been the preferred partner of many important clients, including the US Navy. Contact PCE today to learn more.

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