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The Navy is Upping the Power on Their RHIBs from Cummins 5.9 Liter QSB to a 6.7 Liter Cummins QSB - PCE Navy Ship Repair Can Do the Same

The Navy is Upping the Power on Their RHIBs from Cummins 5.9 Liter QSB to a 6.7 Liter Cummins QSB - PCE Navy Ship Repair Can Do the Same

Most boat owners will probably agree that their boat could do with a bit more power. Repowering is probably a lot easier when you have a boat with an outboard motor. The navy, for instance, has decided to repower their Rigged Hull Inflatable Boats (or RHIB’s for short) from a 5.9 liter QSB engine to a 6.7 QSB engine, both produced by Cummins.

RHIBs are sturdy little inflatable boats usually used by the SEAL teams and other special forces of the US Navy, as well as other allied militaries for what they designate as NSW, or Naval Special Warfare. Being around 11 meters long (about 36 feet) and extremely light due to the fiberglass, aluminum or composite materials hulls, they really have the speed needed for such delicate operations as the SEALs certainly have. They can rake up to 40 knots, which translates to about 64 kilometers per hour.

To cope with such demand, these vessels were fitted with twin outboard engines, and not just any engines, Cummins 5.9 liters QSB engines. These were lauded as being extremely efficient and came in a range of horse powers, from the initial 380 HP, in 2004, increased to 425 in 2006 and finally 480 HP in the latest iteration in 2008. Despite being an excellent engine, the 5.9 liter QSB is now considered non-compliant with the latest EPA regulations, so installing it to a new boat might incur some penalties.

For this reason, the Navy has decided to replace the existing 5.9 liter QSB engines with the more potent 6.7 liter QSB engines. In many respects, the new engine looks similar to the old one. But, the similarities are only superficial. General appearance and weight are pretty much identical, but dive beneath the surface and you will discover that not much else is. Everything from cooling system to pistons to the onboard computer, are completely redesigned. As a result, the engine is lighter (5 pounds), and can put down significantly more torque. In addition, it also complies with tier 3 EPA emissions standard.

Navy ship repair

So, what’s good for the goose… In truth, even though the HP hasn’t really increased, the weight reduction, the increased torque, and better fuel economy at cruise speed add up to a dramatically better performance. So, say you wanted to do the same, ditch the old 5.9 for the majestic new 6.7 liter. Where do you start? Who do you ask?

The right option

Your best option in the San Diego area for such repowering deals is PCE. Why, you might wonder. Rightly so, there are plenty of companies that offer the same. Well, PCE is entrusted with Navy ship repair in San Diego area, and has been for decades. Furthermore, PCE is the Cummins technical representative, meaning the Cummins Company itself puts its trust in the expertise of the PCE mechanics. And how could they not, since they are personally trained and certified to work with QSB marine engines in the Cummins factories. If you are going to trust Cummins to build your engine (and you very much should), it is logical that you will trust them in the choice of a partner and representative. You can contact PCE for further information and, hopefully, a durable cooperation.

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