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Duramax 6.6l Questions: How Much Horsepower Does This Engine Have?

Duramax 6.6l Questions: How Much Horsepower Does This Engine Have?

6.6l Duramax engines are famous for their low fuel expenditure, sturdy construction, and overall quality. When well maintained, a Duramax 6.6l engine can easily achieve a mileage of more than 350 000 miles without needing any extensive 6.6l turbo diesel repair in San Diego.

The amount of horsepower a 6.6l Duramax diesel engine has depends on the specific model and the technologies it uses. After all, one of the reasons why Duramax 6.6l gets a high mileage is because it keeps getting improvements all the time.

Horsepower and torque across different Duramax models:

• 2001 - 235 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque

• 2004 - LB7: 300 hp, 520 lb-ft, LLY: 310 hp, 520 lb-ft

• 2006 - LLY: 310 hp, 605 lb-ft, LBZ: 360 hp, 650 lb-ft

• 2007 - LBZ: 360 hp, 650 lb-ft, LMM: 365 hp, 650 lb-ft

• 2010 - 365 hp, 650 lb-ft

• 2016 - 397 hp, 765 lb-ft

• 2018 - 445 hp, 910 lb-ft

In previous articles, we explained why 6.6l Duramax is widely considered to be the best diesel motor there is, why it's the most reliable diesel engine on the market today, and why diesel engines provide better energy efficiency in general.

Now we'll talk about why turbochargers sometimes fail and how to prevent it. Read on to learn more.

What are the signs of turbo failure?

A turbocharger (or turbo, for short) is an engine part that makes an engine more powerful by forcing more air into a vehicle's combustion system. Like all mechanical parts, turbochargers wear over time and eventually fail. As is the case with the signs of a bad diesel fuel injector or failing Duramax glow plugs, observant drivers can often diagnose the problem themselves.

Signs of a problematic turbocharger include:

• Lowered acceleration is a direct and easily noticeable cause of a problematic turbo.

• Excessive or irregular exhaust or gray smoke coming from the exhaust pipe often indicates the need for a new turbocharger.

• Engine sensors can often detect a failing turbocharger. A warning should appear on your dashboard in the form of an engine light.

• Boost gauge (if your vehicle has one) will clearly show you that your turbo isn't working as intended and is in need of replacement.

• Loud shrieking noise from the engine can occur when a boost is running. If this happens while driving, it's important not to panic and to calmly stop the car and investigate the noise.

What can cause a turbo to fail?

Determining why a turbocharger failed requires extensive diagnostics performed by trained technicians. That being said, there are a number of common problems that can either cause a turbo failure or greatly contribute to it.

These common causes of turbocharger breakdown include:

• Debris build-up.

• Faulty or cracked seals.

• Carbon deposits.

• Standard wear and tear.

Can Turbo Diesel be repaired?

First, make sure that your turbocharger really did blow up by taking the intake off of the turbo and checking the shaft play. If there's a lot of smoke, then the turbo is almost certainly done for.

At this point, it's a good idea to call a towing company in order to safely transport your vehicle to a repair shop. Luckily, reputable diesel engine repair and maintenance companies can replace or repair your turbocharger.

Looking for first-rate 6.6l turbo diesel repair in San Diego?

PCE is California's premier diesel engine repair and maintenance provider. With more than 40 years of industry experience and multiple successful contracts with the US Navy, we are uniquely positioned to deal with any Duramax 6.6l issue you may be experiencing.

Contact us today, or visit us at our diesel engine division near the Southeastern San Diego. Our superbly trained technicians will be happy to assist you.

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