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Signs That Your Water Pump Needs Maintenance

Signs That Your Water Pump Needs Maintenance

A lot of people across the USA depend on wells for their drinking water. However, when using wells, you also need a water pump. While that is good on one front, it can be really problematic on the other. You won’t have to bring the water up manually, there’s still a chance of it breaking down and cutting your water supply.

In order to prevent that from happening, you need a good pump service at your beck and call. The best pump service in San Diego area comes from Propulsion Controls Engineering, or PCE for short. Here are some tips how to recognize impending water pump problems.

The Water Coming Up Is Contaminated

Right off the bat, it needs to be pointed out that this symptom is not always an indication that the pump is acting up. If you have an older type of pump, it may be intrinsically more likely to pick up the debris like dirt, pebbles and similar detritus. It is this debris that can cause damage to your pumps, especially the pipes leading the water upwards. Newer pumps, which are submersible, tend to be buried underneath the level which contains the debris, so you should largely be in the clear with these pumps. 

If you notice the debris or dirt in your water, make sure to contact a professional technician to take look at your pump, as well as an inspector to test the quality of your water to ensure that it is safe to use it.

Unusual Sounds Coming from the Pump

By now, you should be familiar with the regular sound of your pump running. If anything changes in that regard, you should not hesitate to contact your mechanic, because it cannot be a good thing. Any kind of scraping, grinding or rattling is a cause for concern. There are a few things which may be causing this problem, and none of them are a trifling matter. A blockage in the intake is probably the most common, but not the only, source of noise in the system.

The Water Pressure Is Lower Than Usual

Just like with the sound that your pump makes, the water pressure should be relatively constant and known to you. That means that you should be able to notice any changes in the water pressure when you turn the tap. However, most people don’t take notice of the slight changes and may be in for a nasty surprise when a small problem escalates to the point of barely a trickle of water coming from the faucet.

The most likely cause of the problem is a burst pipe. However, with a complex system such as this, there are a few more viable options. The pressure tank may also be the source of the leak and therefore the problem, as can the mechanical seal. Finally, the problem may be in the pump itself, like the pressure switch not working.

The Pump Runs Inconsistently

One of the most annoying problems to deal with is the inconsistent, intermittent functioning of the pump. Whereas it may work fine one day, it may present problems the other, just to return to functioning normally the next. You should not disregard these problems and consult a professional to repair this problem as soon as possible to avoid a complete breakdown and a really expensive repair.

When it comes to pump repairs and maintenance, you should really be careful with who you trust. PCE has been around for over four decades, which is a testament to the quality and devoted work. If you want to learn more, contact PCE today.

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