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How Do Ship Repair Companies in USA Restore a Sunken Boat

How Do Ship Repair Companies in USA Restore a Sunken Boat

There are many different reasons a boat might sink; a particularly strong storm, physical damage which breached the hull, and capsizing are just some of the most common ones. Even though having your boat sink is a terrible and catastrophic event, it may not be so bleak after all, there might be something you can do about it and salvage your boat from complete ruin.

Ship repair companies in the USA have plenty of experience with sunken boats, especially during hurricane season when many boats are damaged or sunk in the heavy storms. So, if your boat is submerged and in need of a rescue, you will need to contact a ship repair facility San Diego residents trust the most – PCE. Here’s a brief insight into how a sunken boat recovery is done.

Don’t Hesitate

There are a lot of metal parts on a boat, including the electric motor and, most importantly, the engine. No matter what kind of an engine you have, it does not like being submerged in water. Fresh water is bad for the engine, but it is the salt water which will destroy an engine a lot more quickly. Not only is water likely to cause corrosion, but the salt in sea water is just as damaging.

So, if you discover that your boat has sunk, or is half-submerged, contact professionals as soon as possible and start the salvage process straight away. The less time spent under water – the likelier it is you will get away with only minor repairs.

Flushing the Engine

The most important and probably the most expensive part of your boat is the engine, so engine repair and restoration should take precedence over everything else. If you have been quick and the water where your boat was submerged was not particularly dirty, you might be safe with just flushing the engine.

On the other hand, if there is dirt and debris in the water where your boat lay, flushing won’t be enough to expel all those particles and if you try to run your engine with the debris in it, it may cause a catastrophic failure of some key component of your engine, costing you a lot of money in the process.

Disassembling the Engine

In order to ensure that your engine recovers successfully from sinking, you will need to take it apart completely. Chances are that all electrical parts like the electric starter and the cables will need to be replaced as they will likely be damaged by water.

Ship repair companies in USA tend to have really sophisticated and professional equipment for cleaning boat engines, so make sure to delegate this part of the job to the professionals. Every part will need to be taken apart, cleaned and flushed of water, debris, fuel and, oil before being re-assembled and returned into the boat. This might be a great time to inspect everything on your boat, from worn-out engine parts to potential electric motor issues and replace all the parts which are no longer in good condition.

The Body

The hull and the decks will need to be thoroughly inspected for cracks and damage, as water can get under the lamination and cause the material to swell and lose structural strength. Other components of the boat will also need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

A boat sinking is always a painful thing to happen, but it doesn’t have to be the end for the boat if you are willing to put in some work and money in it, as well as act quickly.

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