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Prolong the Life of Your Boat Engine

Prolong the Life of Your Boat Engine

Just like any other machinery, a boat engine needs regular maintenance and care in order to ensure that it will have a long and productive life cycle. However, even with all the care in the world, it will eventually break down or lose power and you will need to repair or replace it. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you need to have a reliable shipyard at hand whenever you need them. 

The premium San Diego ship repair facility Propulsion Controls Engineering tells you about some things you can do for your engine to make sure it lasts for a long time.

How Long Does an Engine Last?

This seems like a simple question, but when you consider all the variables that go into determining how long an engine will function, you start to realize that it mostly comes down to the way it is treated. Still, even if you can’t pinpoint the exact duration your engine will serve you, there are some basic assumptions we can make. 

First of all, a diesel engine generally should last longer than a gasoline one, which makes sense when you consider that diesel engines have significantly lower RPMs than gasoline engines. Similarly, the amount of fuel which a gasoline engine burns is higher which increases the wear of the material and causes gasoline engines to deteriorate quicker.

All old engines will experience some level of wear and tear and their output will be reduced over time if the worn parts are not replaced or repaired.

Common Wear Scenarios

There are a few ways your engine can experience the wear and the reduced output. The most common of these is the wear on the piston rings or on valve guides. Either of these problems results in the same thing – it allows the lubricating oil to enter the combustion chamber and burn along with the fuel.

At first, the only indication of a problem would be the bluish smoke coming from the exhaust. If you notice this problem, find a good boat repair facility before the problem escalates. IF you allow the damage to persist and get worse, the amount of oil reaching the combustion chambers will only increase and the engine will start to sputter, miss, and eventually refuse to start.

The other very common way your engine may be worn is that the ancillaries of the engine become damaged or corroded, whereas your main components are intact. The ancillary components include things like water pumps, fuel injection system, and the exhaust components. This problem may not affect the performance so much, but it can end up costing you a lot.

How to Protect Yourself from Wear

Your engine can easily be protected from common wear and tear by applying enough lubricating oil and changing it periodically. If you do not know how often this ‘periodically’ should be, you should always start with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that the recommendation by the manufacturer applies to engines which are used regularly and in normal conditions, meaning no heavy loads, no extreme temperatures, and no dirty air and water. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations even when it comes to the way you change oil since the improper procedure can end up doing more harm than good.

When it comes to the peripheral components, you are facing corrosion and physical damage at every step, which means that you need to inspect your boat every month by yourself and have it inspected by professionals at least once a year.

If you are looking for a skilled and experienced San Diego boat repair facility, PCE is your first and only stop, with decades of experience and numerous contracts from the US Navy. Contact PCE today to learn more.

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