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Are Refurbished Cummins Engines Good?

Are Refurbished Cummins Engines Good?

If your marine engine is on its last legs, you may already be considering a replacement. In most cases, it is useful to consider refurbished engines as well as new ones.

However, the problem with refurbished engines is that they can be a bit unreliable and you never know how well they will perform. Cummins refurbished engines, on the other hand, are done by the parent company itself and they call it ReCon. Here’s what you need to know about it before you decide if that is the best option for you.

Repair First

Is your engine really done for? Can you still do something about it? Repairs are cheaper that replacement for sure, but take into account the longevity of the said repairs and it is not always the best option. Give your engine a chance before you replace it. If you feel like giving your Cummins a repair in San Diego, contact PCE, a Cummins partner and a business with over 40 years of experience.


If, however, your existing engine is truly fit for replacement, a ReCon engine is a good option. Cummins claims that every engine which comes out of their refurbishment program is disassembled down to the last nut and bolt. This is done in order to clean everything as thoroughly as possible. 

Additionally, this enables the mechanics to inspect everything and replace the damaged or worn out parts with brand new and authentic Cummins parts. Things like rings, gaskets, and bearings are the most commonly replaced parts, but other things can be changed as well.

What Do You Get as a ReCon Engine Buyer?

After the engine has been assembled, a computer tests the engine to ensure that the performance is on par with a new engine. Cummins guarantees that only original Cummins engines and parts are used in this program.

You also get a two-year or a 2000-hour warranty on the new engine as a standard, but you can choose to extend that warranty. There are many different engines, so chances are that you will find a suitable engine quickly. With a refurbished engine, you can expect better fuel economy, more power, and cleaner exhaust emissions, too.

Exchange and Repower Packages

If your engine is salvageable by Cummins, you may be offered an Exchange package. Essentially, that means that your engine goes to Cummins to be refurbished and put back into action once it is done, and you ae offered a lower price for your new ReCon engine.

However, a broken down engine is not the only reason people decide to get a ReCon engine. In some cases, people with functional engines just decide that they want more power. However, bigger engines are more expensive and what are you going to do with the existing one? Well, there is a Repower package in the ReCon program. Essentially, you trade your engine for a discount for a stronger ReCon engine. Your old engine won’t go to waste, and you get the stronger engine you wanted; with a warranty and genuine Cummins parts, guaranteed by the Cummins Company itself.

Is It Worth It?

Cummins works hard to expand its network of partners and skilled mechanics who can really prolong the life of your engine. That means that your down time will be minimal if you choose ReCon engines. Additionally, you will have a peace of mind that all of your engine parts come directly from Cummins themselves.

Contact your local Cummins partner. PCE is the best place to get Cummins repair in San Diego, as well as any other marine engine-related help.

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