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How to Know Your Fuel Pump Needs a Checkup?

How to Know Your Fuel Pump Needs a Checkup?

Most internal combustion engines use a fuel pump. These devices ensure that a constant and proper amount of fuel is delivered to the engine from the tank. I said most, because there are some exceptions, which will be mentioned later on.

So how can you tell if your fuel pump requires a repair?

Follow these simple guidelines, and if you recognize your issue anywhere on this list, consult the best San Diego pump repair facility immediately.

Location on the vehicle

That really depends on the type of the vehicle, but more importantly, on the type of engine you use. Some (usually) older types of motorcycles do not even have one, as they rely on gravity to dispense the fuel into the engine.

Carbureted engines have a low pressure mechanical pump. This is an old design which uses a diaphragm as a kind of positive displacement method to pump fuel into the chamber of the carburetor before it is fed into the engine. These kinds of pumps are usually found attached to the engine, close to the combustion chambers.

Finally, the newer types of engines, called the fuel injected engines use high pressure electronic pumps. These pumps are installed inside the fuel tank. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to put an electronic device into the tank full of fuel, this is the best place to put it. It doesn’t get overheated, as it is submerged in the cooled liquid, and it won’t start a fire even if it throws a spark, since liquid fuel will not burn. Chances are your vehicle uses this type of fuel pump. The rest of the text will focus on these pumps.

The Symptoms

There are some telltale signs that your pump is not as fit as it should be. If you notice any of these problems, check your pump.

·         The engine won’t start, or it’s really difficult to start it.

·         The engine starts, but cuts off after a while.

·         A whining noise from the back of the vehicle.

·         The ‘’check engine’’ light is on.

·         There is a lack of power under heavier load.

Major problems


Water in the fuel system can spell doom to your fuel pump. Water collects in the fuel tank if it is not used for a longer period of time. Such a thing can happen to boat owners who store their vessel during the winter. Metal parts of the pump are extremely vulnerable to corrosion and will decay quickly.

Dirty fuel

Particles in the fuel get picked up by the pump’s strainer. However, some smaller particles go through it, and do a lot of damage to the pump. Cheaper fuel often has more of these particles, causing the pump to break down quicker.

Brush commutator wear

One of the more common things to break down in the pump due to particles is the brush commutator. This causes the electromotor to draw more power to achieve the same amperage, which severely decreases its life expectancy. If this happens to be your problem, it is likely that the higher amperage will burn the connectors of the pump. Even if you replace the pump, and fail to change the connectors, the new pump will likely not last very long.

The fuel pump is an essential element of the internal combustion engine. Noticing that it is not functioning properly can potentially save you a lot of money and a whole lot more hassle. Have your pump checked by the professionals at PCE and get the best pump repair in San Diego County.
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