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What to Do After Every Boat Trip

What to Do After Every Boat Trip

Like all machines with moving parts, ships suffer from wear and tear, especially during long and/or demanding trips. There’s a number of potential issues that ship owners can diagnose and seek the help of professional Pacific ship repair and fabrication companies as soon as possible. In this article, you will find a checklist that will help you maintain your ship and diagnose serious issues that require the attention of expert ship repair San Diego. This article should also help you gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of your ship’s system, so you’d know how to choose the best ship repair company.

Take a close look at the fuel system

Having a healthy fuel system is one of the most important aspects that first-rate specialists in the field of Pacific ship repair and fabrication focus on. Inspect the fuel system for cracks or leaks, and take special care when checking tank surfaces, fuel hoses, and connections. A damaged fuel hose tends to be brittle or have cracks in it. Make sure the exhaust, engine, and ventilation systems are all working correctly. If necessary, replace components and double-check if all clamps and fittings are secured.

Checking hoses, cables, and belts is a big part of Pacific ship repair and fabrication

Hoses, cables, and belts must be checked regularly, but especially during winter because low temperatures can cause them to crack and turn brittle. Check if the belts are tightly pulled around pulleys. If not, tighten them, because loose belts can result in slipping. While you’re at the pulley, check if there’s black residue around it - that’s a telltale sign of a worn belt. Finally, swells or cracks on the outer jacket of the shift, throttle, and steering control cables indicate internal corrosion and high risk of failure.

Electric systems and fluid levels

Inspect electrical connections for tight, clean, non-corroded free connections. If you find any corroded terminals or cable ends, clean them with a wire brush. Charge the battery and then test it to see if it can actually hold a charge. Even with all these precautions, electrical systems are complex parts and should be regularly checked by a qualified technician.

Make sure all fluid levels - engine oil, power trim reservoirs, coolant, power steering - are properly filled. If the boat has been winterized prior to the trip, it’s wise to also replace the engine oil, drive lubricants, and oil filter.

Last but not least, don’t forget hulls and propellers

Check propellers for cracks, distortion, dings, and pitting, and make sure they’re secured. This is important because your drivetrain can be distorted and damaged by unhealthy propellers. Look for blisters, cracks, and distortions in the hull. Finally, make sure the drain plug is secured in its slot before every launch.

Are you in need of Pacific ship repair and fabrication?

Do you want to have your boat’s health checked by professional ship repairmen? Or have you diagnosed an issue that requires expert attention? Reach out to PCE. We are one of San Diego’s most dependable ship repair companies. We have over 40 years of experience and have had our excellence recognized even by the US Navy. We will gladly make sure your ship is as seaworthy as it was on the day it first touched the water.

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