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Motor Rewinding Formula: DC Motor Repair Tips

Motor Rewinding Formula: DC Motor Repair Tips

Regular maintenance and careful use can greatly lengthen the life of an electric motor. Unfortunately, as with all machines that contain moving parts, wear and tear will inevitably cause motor failure. When this happens, it's up to you, the owner, to decide between buying a replacement or investing in motor rewinding in San Diego County that is performed by a reliable DC motor rewinding service that uses a quality motor rewinding formula.

Read on to learn how motor rewinding works and what factors you have to consider when your DC motor won't start and you are not equipped or trained to perform DC motor repair yourself. The unfortunate truth is that, sometimes, not even the best rewinding in the world can restore a heavily damaged motor.

Can the motor even be rewound?

Whether or not a motor can be rewound depends largely on the type of damage that caused the burnout. The most important part of any motor is the stator core. Excessive one time heating, prolonged overheating, and water inside the motor can all cause the stator core winding insulation to fail. This problem can usually be fixed by removing the damaged insulation and installing a new one.

However, no motor rewinding formula can make up for stator core damage that resulted from bearing failure, as this normally leads to the iron armatures grinding against the stator iron. In this case, rewinding is almost certainly impossible and the motor must be replaced.

When should you replace the motor?

Obviously, if a motor has suffered catastrophic damage to the stator core, you will have no choice but to replace it. But is that the only situation when replacement should be considered? Not at all. Oftentimes, a unit can be rewound, but doing so isn't worthwhile. Very old motors (a decade old or older), or motors that have previously been incorrectly rewound, are best replaced with a newer unit.

There are also the operating costs to consider. Older models normally have a much higher operating cost than newer, energy efficient models. Even the top motor rewinding formula can't put an older model's operating costs on par or even close to that of a modern motor model. Because of this, it may be worth it for you to pay a larger cost upfront for a new motor in order to achieve greater long term savings.

Delivery time for the new motor

One factor people rarely consider when buying a new motor is the delivery time. With a standard DC motor this is not normally an issue as they're usually in stock and aren't hard to transport. On the other hand, large units or units that have special features are difficult to transport and can take several months to arrive. This loss of productivity can cause long term problems for a company and must be taken into consideration when deciding between motor repair and replacement.

The most reliable motor rewinding formula in the industry

Have you opted to replace a motor that has broken down? Or have you decided to prolong your unit's life by rewinding it? Whatever your requirements, PCE can and will fulfill them in an efficient, dependable manner born of more than four decades of ship repair and maintenance experience. We are one of the most esteemed companies in the country, as shown by our many longtime contracts with the US Navy. We look forward to providing you with a top notch service.

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