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Why Are Marine Surveys Important When Purchasing a Boat?

Why Are Marine Surveys Important When Purchasing a Boat?

A big financial decision such as buying a boat should never be made lightly and without previous detailed checks. The process of checking the vessel you are interested in is called pre-purchase.

The most important part of this process is a marine survey. If you are planning to buy a boat, you need to seriously consider doing a marine survey. Marine surveys in San Diego are quite easy to find since San Diego is a busy port town. However, if you are looking for top quality, consider hiring someone with a solid reputation and experience.

When is a marine survey important?

In some instances, your insurance company will actually demand that you do a marine survey before they agree to insure your vessel. However, even if that is not the issue, you should always insist on a marine survey before you take the serious financial step and buy a boat. In most cases, you don’t personally know the seller and aren’t familiar with the boat in question. The safe thing to do is to inspect the vessel thoroughly. 

Can you do away with it?

It is not advised. If you aren’t obligated to do so, you may want to avoid the expenditure. However, this may end up costing you a lot more. Surveyors are skilled at finding flaws and discovering hidden and apparent problems, as well as predicting some that might arise, depending on the make and model of the boat. If you are confident that the vessel is as sound as the seller claims, and aren’t compelled in any other way to perform this important check, you can avoid it at your own risk.

The sea trial

The majority of checks can be done on dry land. The hull, the machinery and most other systems can be checked without water. In order to have the full picture of the boat’s condition, you should insist on a sea trial. It is only at sea that you can truly assess whether this boat meets your expectations, and the surveyor can inspect the functioning of the rest of the systems, particularly the engine.

What else is included in the pre-purchase process?

The scope and the duration of the pre-purchase process depend on the buyer. If you are acting alone, your pre-purchase process can be quite short. You only need to find the boat you are after, have it examined and settle on the price with the seller. Even though this sounds easy, in reality, it is often a bit more complicated. The majority of people do not feel confident enough to buy a boat on their own. That’s where brokers come in.              

These middlemen can help you find the suitable vessels. They can also arrange a boat survey for you. Brokers work on commission, so use your common sense when interpreting their words. It is in their interest for you to make the purchase. The surveyor, on the other hand, gets paid either way, so their words may be more reliable.

Dealing with paperwork                              

As much as we hate paperwork, it is necessary when large sums of money are involved. You will need to go through a lot of paperwork to finally get your boat. From your contract with the broker, the surveyor’s report, to your insurance company and bank papers, you will have a lot of reading to do. But it will have all been worth it once you stand on the deck of your new boat.

Marine surveys need to be done carefully and methodically since they ensure that the boat you buy and go out to sea in is structurally and mechanically sound. Such an important task is best left to skilled professionals

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