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Prepare Your Pumps for Long-Term Storage

Prepare Your Pumps for Long-Term Storage

Pumps are very important and useful for a range of uses. They exist in boats, cars, industrial facilities and numerous other places. In most of those places, they need to operate daily and that can create wear and tear. We all know that, which is why we have regular pump maintenance.

However, if you are planning to store away your pump for whatever reason, or you have a spare one at home, you may not be aware that it also needs some attention, lest it breaks down while in storage.

Shaft Rotation

This is probably the most important thing you can do for your pump when it’s not operational. Rotating the shaft at least once a month will ensure that the bearings inside don’t get flattened from their own weight. Not only that, but it will also prevent the faces on mechanical seals form sticking. 

Prevent Rust

Just like with any other metal piece of equipment, rust is the silent killer of pumps. That means that you need to be extra careful when storing your pump for extended periods of time. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to protect your pump from rust. There are numerous rust prevention sprays available on the market. Use one of them to coat all the exposed metal parts of your pump. 

Keep in mind that the spray will create a waxy coating around your pump. It is this coating that physically protects your pump from dust, debris and, most importantly, water. Make sure not to remove this coating while the pump is in storage. When you decide to use the pump again, simply remove the coating with a cloth and you should be ready to go.

Be Careful about Where You Keep It

Speaking of rust prevention, it is important where you put your spare equipment. If you leave it just lying around exposed to the elements, no amount of rust prevention sprays will save it from damage. The ideal environment for pumps you are not using at the moment is a dry place at room temperature. If your garage is heated, it might be a great place to keep it.

Make sure that the temperature extremes are avoided, since extreme cold, as well as extreme heat,  can damage the internal components of your pump. Another thing which damages the delicate machinery inside the pump are vibrations, so make sure that you protect the pump from any source of vibrations.

Should You Store the Pump with Oil?

There are conflicting resources about this topic from various people. Some people prefer storing the pump with oil and then just installing it as is when the time is right. However, this practice can lead to some complications. These complications don’t occur too frequently, but why risk it at all?

If you store your pump filled with oil, there is a chance of oil separating into water and other, thicker components. If you tried installing the pump with this kind of oil, it would immediately break down. Another risk comes from water freezing, damaging the internal components of the pump.

Another issue which can potentially arise from this practice is swelling of the O-rings, which would then start leaking and make the pump unusable without replacing the faulty bits. The bottom line is that the pump can, and probably should, be stored without any oil in it. Simply add the oil in when you install it and start using it.

If you are looking for a quality pump service in San Diego area, consider PCE. Over 40 years of experience and numerous contracts from the US Navy and other high-profile clients speak for the level of service you can expect to find here. Contact PCE today to learn more.

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