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Choosing the Right Kohler Generator Service

Choosing the Right Kohler Generator Service

A lot of boats require an additional power supply when their main engine is off. Whereas smaller vessels can get by with an inverter or just a battery pack, any larger vessel is more likely to have a generator than not.

And just like your boat’s engine, your generator needs maintenance from time to time to ensure that it runs smoothly and that nothing breaks down on it.

In order to ensure that you only find the best Kohler marine generator service available, you need to know what your generator actually needs in terms of maintenance. Experts at Propulsion Controls Engineering, who offer Kohler marine repair San Diego is proud of, share some basics of marine generator maintenance.

How Often Do You Use the Generator

Simply put, you need to determine how often you will be using your generator. The more you use it – the more often you will need to have it serviced. Electrical components need to be safe for use, so make sure you don’t skip regular maintenance.

Most generators come with an instruction manual which has a table of sorts which tells you how often you need to have your generator inspected, based on its size, the frequency of use, as well as the load which it produces when it’s on.

Type of Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, there are two basic types. The first type entails replacing the oil, checking the battery, as well as checking and potentially replacing the oil and air filters. This simple maintenance can be done by boat owners themselves and isn’t particularly demanding.

On the other hand, there are more demanding and mechanical parts of the Kohler marine generator service which you need to leave to professionals who are certified by Kohler themselves. This entails repairing and replacing operational parts as well as running a full scale maintenance of the generator.

In between Two Kohler Marine Generator Service Dates

Even when your marine generator has gone through inspection, you can still do something for it. In your daily use, you can make sure that you take care of it. It will prolong the life cycle of your generator, and it will make all the subsequent maintenance work a lot quicker and simpler.

One of the best things you can do for your generator is to check the sea water strainers for any debris which might clog it. If you find any, remove it right away. Keeping the area around your generator free of clutter is also a good way to ensure that it will run well for a long time because there is nothing to block the air intake or outlet.

Finally, a visual inspection of any leaks, fluid levels and anything which might seem out of the ordinary should keep your generator running smoothly until the next regular maintenance.

Where Can I Get Maintenance and Parts for My Kohler Marine Generator

Kohler has a network of trusted partners and retailers who are certified by the manufacturer to sell the original Kohler parts, as well as places which can perform maintenance which will not void your warranty.

PCE is one such place in San Diego where you can have your generator checked, as well as get original parts. PCE has been a trusted center for San Diego’s thriving boating scene for over four decades.

The excellence of this company was also recognized by the US Navy, awarding PCE several very lucrative and responsible renovation and update jobs over the years. If you are looking for quality and reliability, PCE is the way to go.

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