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Kohler Marine Generator Maintenance Tips

Kohler Marine Generator Maintenance Tips

Having a generator onboard your boat is not mandatory for all boats, but when you need electricity for whatever reason when the engine is off, having a generator is a great way to provide it.

If your electricity needs are small, you can get away with an inverter, but a generator can give you a lot more security and regular power output. 

However, just like any other part of your boat, it needs regular maintenance and care in order to prolong its operational life. If you need a Kohler generator repair San Diego boasts one of the best and longest lasting marine companies in California – Propulsion Controls Engineering, with genuine Kohler generator parts available. Here’s what a regular maintenance of Kohler generator parts entails.

Testing the Load Bank

Your generator needs to be able to provide enough electricity to power everything you need even when the engine is off. That’s why it is important to check the capability of the system regularly to ensure that there was no loss in power production which may result in a power outage or damage to either the appliances on your boat or the generator itself.

Cooling System Inspection

The amount of heat generated by the generator can be quite large, which is why it is fitted with a whole cooling system, typically separated from the cooling system of your boat’s engine.

The system needs to run smoothly in order to ensure a steady supply of electricity. A visual inspection of the system for leaks or physical damage is the extent of the regular maintenance, but keep in mind that you need to replace all the hoses and the coolant inside the system every 3 years, or as often as the manufacturer suggests.

Fuel Inspection

If you are an avid boater, you know how prone to contamination diesel can be. If you want to have your generator run well, make sure that the quality of the fuel is on point; especially if the fuel for the generator comes from the main fuel tank of your boat.

The most common type of diesel contamination is water mixing with the fuel, but it can be any kind of foreign matter in the tank or even the regular degradation of the fuel, as well as the diesel bug. Check the fuel every so often to prevent further problems.

Oil Inspection

Apart from the fuel which runs the generator, the oil which lubricates it can tell you a lot about the condition of the machinery.

What’s more, a lot of potential and real problems can be discerned from the state of the oil. Chances are that you won’t be able to, but a professional ship mechanic can identify problems quite accurately in this way.

Replacing the Engine Belt

Just like the coolant hoses, the engine belt is an expendable part of the generator. Seeing how it suffers a lot of stress and temperature, over time it can develop some defects and become brittle and rip. It can cause you downtime, which can be problematic, especially if the boat engine is off.

Check the belt for any signs of cracks and physical damage, but even if you can’t see the damage, replace the belt periodically.

Where to Find Kohler Generator Parts

When looking for maintenance and repairs of Kohler generators, you should really look to the trusted partners and certified mechanics. That way, you can ensure that you only get genuine parts and quality service.

PCE has been offering a variety of mechanical goods and services, including Kohler generator servicing for over four decades to the residents of San Diego county and wider.

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