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All You Need to Know About Extended Engine and Generator Warranties from Cummins

All You Need to Know About Extended Engine and Generator Warranties from Cummins

Whether you’re a professional who depends on their marine engine for their livelihood or someone who needs it occasionally, the importance of having access to first-rate Cummins repair in San Diego cannot be understated. Being able to quickly deal with unexpected breakdowns will prevent considerable decreases in productivity and the resulting monetary losses.

But are standard Cummins warranties for new and refurbished engines enough, or should you get the extended warranty instead? What are some of the things not covered by standard Cummins warranties? Why are Cummins warranties so highly regarded, anyway?

We'll answer these common Cummins marine engine and generator warranty questions in this article. We'll also explain why extended warranty may be right for you, and point you toward the best marine engine repair and maintenance company in San Diego. Read on.

What is included in extended Cummins warranties?

The duration of the base Cummins warranty is 250,000 miles or two years, whichever occurs first. This warranty covers failures caused by defects in Cummins design, manufacturing process, and materials. Furthermore, it supplies towing services (if needed) and includes aftertreatment.

The extended Cummins warranty goes further than that. It can be bought together with the engine itself, within a year after the base warranty expires, or while the base warranty is still valid. As its name implies, the extended warranty prolongs the mileage/period during which the coverage is in effect, and adds further benefits.

Coverage benefits provided by extended Cummins warranties include:


  • Immediate coverage benefits.
  • The option to choose from a number of different coverage levels.
  • Base Cummins warranty coverage (before extended warranty coverage begins).
  • Repair of any failures that happen as a result of defects in Cummins workmanship, materials, or design.


What is not included in extended Cummins warranties?

Cummins warranties come in a variety of packages that differ based on the type of product they cover. Consult your warranty document to find out exactly what is and isn't covered by your specific package.

Things not covered by any Cummins warranty package include:

  • Standard maintenance.
  • Repair of breakdowns caused by customer misuse, abuse, or neglect.
  • Product failures caused by incorrect application, installation, storage, or maintenance.

Who is extended Cummins warranty made for?

A warranty serves two purposes. The first is to remove the need for large upfront payments that would otherwise be necessary in order to repair or replace failed marine engine parts. This is especially important to professionals and power users who rely on the uninterrupted functioning of their engine to make a living.

The second purpose is less obvious, but just as vital: peace of mind. When a manufacturer puts a warranty on a product, it means they're so confident in its quality that they can reasonably expect it to work perfectly for a certain period of time.

This is extremely important when it comes to boats and ships. After all, a malfunctioning marine engine can result in the user getting stranded or even lost at sea. By having a top-notch warranty you'll be ensuring not only smooth sailing, but also personal safety.

Who supplies the most reliable Cummins repair in San Diego?

Here at PCE (Propulsion Controls Engineering), we take great pride in our status as a second-to-none provider of marine engine replacement, installation, maintenance, and repair. We have an exceptional track record that spans more than 40 years, and includes many contracts with the US Navy.

Contact us today if you'd like to know more about extended Cummins warranties, or visit us at our premises near the Mountain View area of San Diego. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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