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Hydraulic Valve Repair in San Diego Simplified

Hydraulic Valve Repair in San Diego Simplified

We already gave the overview of valves in one of our previous posts. It was stated there that valves are incredibly useful in many situations and have many applications. This post will focus on one particular use - hydraulic valves. They are used in hydraulic systems to regulate the flow, pressure or volume of the fluid that passes through them. They can also manage the direction of the flow, which is a useful feature in many such systems.

Maintaining the valves of your machinery is as vital as keeping the machinery operational. In order to ensure that the downtime due to malfunctions is minimal, contact the premier mechanics in San Diego County, PCE. The expertise and experience of the mechanics at PCE will ensure that you get the best hydraulic valve repair San Diego service.

Hydraulic valve categories

Three major categories of hydraulic valves are flow controllers, pressure regulation valves and directional valves. These three categories manage the different aspects of fluid dynamics necessary for optimal functioning of such machinery: flow, pressure and volume. Several types of valves can be found within these three categories. One system may be fitted with different types of valves to ensure proper functioning, or just one type, depending on the needs of the system.

Flow Control hydraulic valves

Flow control valves monitor and regulate the rate at which the fluids flow in hydraulic systems. These valves respond to the changes in pressure within the system. Even though they monitor the pressure, they are dubbed flow control valves, because they respond to the changes by increasing or decreasing the flow to accommodate for the change. They do not require any external source of power to do this, as the change in pressure is significantly strong to open or close the valve.

Pressure Regulation hydraulic valves

 Again, the name speaks for itself as to their purpose. They regulate the pressure of the fluids running through the system. In broadest terms, their job is to keep the pressure within the system under the predetermined limit. There are several types of valves which work in unison to ensure the equilibrium is attained. Counter-balance valves measure the pressure, and regulate the excess build-up of pressure by creating a back-pressure on some other end of the system. Unloading valves are used to relieve the pressure if it gets to an extreme level. Pressure regulators make the fluctuations of the pressure manageable.

Directional valves

These valves perform one of three all-important functions. First of all, they can direct the flow of the fluid within the system. This is useful when returning fluids would cause major problems to the machinery. Their second function is changing the direction of the flow of the fluids in the system. Some systems, or parts of the system, require bidirectional flow of fluids at selected times. This subtype of valve can change the flow. They do this either responding to the pressure or some external command (electronic, temperature, etc.). Finally, directional valves can actually cut or start the flow of the fluid, depending on the needs of the system. Those are spool valves.

Hydraulic valves are a broad and versatile family, but they all have important roles within a hydraulic system. Some more complex systems contain a multitude of these fittings. And the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. In order to keep your hydraulic device in order, make sure the valves function properly. And if you ever have a breakdown, contact PCE for professional and prompt hydraulic valve repair in San Diego County, and wider. Our decades of experience speak louder than words. Contact us now.
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