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How to Check Ford 6.0 Injectors for Problems?

How to Check Ford 6.0 Injectors for Problems?

Even though diesel engines have computer controls, not every problem is easy to detect. Indeed, troubleshooting 6.0L Ford injectors can be more complex than you would imagine.

The signs you have Ford 6.0 injector problems

Some common signals that you could be needing Ford 6.0 injector repair are:

·         Poor start, especially when the engine is cold
·         Low power
·         Stalling
·         Misfiring
·         Jerking and rough running
·         Too much smoke

The most frequent Ford 6.0L injector problems are wear and tear and cracking. A scan typically reveals which injectors contribute less, but the diagnosis can be more difficult if the crack doesn’t cause a misfire.

Crank time

It usually takes from three to five seconds for a common-rail system to reach the threshold. When the engine is idle the system should operate at 5,000 psi, whereas at wide open throttle it should be 30,000 psi.

The right scan tool like Ford IDS should be able to tell the leakage rates of individual injectors on Ford PowerStroke. The crankshaft is organized in this way – even-numbered cylinders are on the driver’s side, while the odd ones are on the passenger’s side, with the higher numbers toward the rear.

Types of codes & common Ford 6.0 injector problems

Electrical fault codes could show up for problems with the injector wiring, which would often produce an intermittent. For example, insulation chaffing. This damage can be visually observed when attention is paid to the wiring going from the controller (FICM – fuel injection control module) to the injectors. The wires could be rubbing against the valve covers, the intake manifold or the intake manifold mounting bolts. Overseeing this damage often leads the owners into replacing the injector or the controller, but when the wiring resumes its old position, problems reappear.

Cylinder fault codes alone could also be caused by a faulty valve train – e.g. broken rocker arms or bent push rods.

Checked the oil?

The fact is diesels can be choosy about the type of oil you use. It is always advisable that you use the oil which is manufacturer-recommended.

What produces high injection pressures in diesel engines is hydraulic pressure, which is sensitive to the levels of air present in the oil. Air in oil is typically foam that can result in the engine running rough and bucking.

Not only is it best to use the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer, but it should also be kept clean. When the oil is neglected, contaminants will accumulate and cause stiction to the injector spool valve. A spool valve struggling with stiction will produce misfires and ultimately, a dead injector.

Ford 6.0L injector repair

If you are experiencing any of the mentioned problems indicating that your injectors are failing, have a professional take a look. PCE staff have a decades-long experience in working with diesel engines and years of training behind them. Even though a lot of can be detected with the proper scan tools, a number of Ford 6.0 injector problems can only be pinpointed if you know where and how to look. Don’t risk more downtime and recurring problems – call PCE and get the issue sorted the right way right away!
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