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Why Repairing Electric Motors is Better than Replacing Them

Why Repairing Electric Motors is Better than Replacing Them

Electric motors are mechanical parts and no mechanical part can last forever. Wear and tear ultimately results in breakdown, which forces a decision: should you replace the part, or try to have it repaired at qualified electric motor and generator repair San Diego? Multiple factors contribute to this decision, and cost is a big one more often than not. Before you take a trip to an electric motor service San Diego, read on to learn the pros and cons of replacing vs. repairing.

Buying a new motor vs electric motor and generator repair San Diego

The first thing to consider when choosing between repair and replacement, as always, is the price. The immediate assumption is that getting a new electric motor is by default far costlier than just having the old one repaired. However, shoddily repaired motors require ongoing maintenance which can even out the costs over the years. This is why it’s extremely important to entrust your repairs to none but the very best electric motor repair specialists.

And while 10+ years old  electric motors  are best replaced with newer models, younger motors can easily be brought into mint condition with one or two quick repairs. If treated with care, motors that have been fixed will keep costs down and serve you for years to come.

What condition are the rotor and the stator core in?

Induction motors typically use fixed stator with a rotating armature within it. The stator core is comprised of stacked and insulated iron laminations. Windings of copper wire are also present. Motor overheating - whether one-time or repeated - or water in the motor, can cause winding insulation failure. This usually means the core is fine and can be rewound at one of San Diego’s top-notch ship repair companies without a hitch once the failed winding has been replaced.

What about other mechanical parts?

Whenever possible, a generator, much like an electric motorlike an electric motor, should undergo repair instead of replacement. If you need top-notch generator repair, San Diego companies that specialize in it will know what to do and they’ll inspect all the other mechanical parts and assess the damage. The shaft, the bearing, the frame, as well as a number of other mechanical parts may have gotten damaged during motor failure. More often than not, affected parts can be repaired at a specialized company at a fraction of the cost it would take to entirely replace them.

The pros of electric motor rewinding

Once you have ascertained that the magnetic core of your electric motor is undamaged, the most cost-effective course of action is to have the motor rewound. When correct procedures are followed, rewinding a motor will allow it to keep its original high performance. This even works for the more modern energy-efficient motors.

PCE: the best generator repair San Diego has to offer

Here at PCE, we don’t believe that just because a motor has failed it’s automatically condemned the garbage heap. Four decades in the ship and repair fabrication business have taught us the ins and outs of vessel repair and maintenance. We enjoy the respect of the US Navy, and have had many contracts with them over the years. Reach out to us today and let us breathe new life into your burned-out electric motor.

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