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Should Fuel Injector Service Become a Part of Your Routine Maintenance?

Should Fuel Injector Service Become a Part of Your Routine Maintenance?

When it comes to fuel injectors, a lot of people don’t consider them a part which is worth repairing or even checking during the regular checkups. However, experts like San Diego’s PCE disagree; in fact, they point to the fact that it can dramatically improve the performance of your vehicle.

When having a regular checkup, don’t forget to tell your mechanic to do a fuel injector service. Even though they are not too expensive to replace, you can still prolong the life of your existing ones and save a few bucks. Here’s what you should know.

How to Identify There Is a Problem

Well, the first thing you want to know is whether your fuel injectors are causing you any performance issues. The first indication that something is wrong is if you experience difficulty starting your engine. If your engine requires additional cranking before it finally starts, you may well be having fuel injector problems.

Similarly, if your vehicle starts stuttering and losing power mid-operation, keep in mind that the main culprit for such problem is often fuel injector problem. As soon as any of those problems starts manifesting, you need to visit a mechanic.

Potential Causes

The most likely cause of fuel injector trouble is the fuel itself. Fuel injectors spray fuel into the combustion chambers and if this fuel is of sub-par quality, it is likely full of debris. Over time, the debris can damage or clog the nozzle of your fuel injector and start causing you problems.

The other potential source of the problem is the manufacturer defect or damage to the seal which surrounds the injector. When that happens, the injectors let in air and therefore the combustion is incomplete or impossible.

How Often Should You Get Fuel Injector Service

The frequency of servicing depends on the fuel injectors themselves. Chances are that you got the manual with your vehicle. That manual is very detailed and tells you the expected life span of each part of the vehicle, as well as the recommended settings and maintenance instructions for them all.

Consult this manual for preventative maintenance and stick to the schedule indicated by the manufacturer. However, if you do notice some of the problems listed above, go straight to a mechanic and inspect the problem. The longer you wait, the greater the damage can be and it can even damage your engine if not treated as soon as possible.

What Does Fuel Injector Service Entail

The first part of the maintenance is visual. If you are skilled enough with mechanical matters, you can perform this yourself. Check all the fuel lines and around the engine for a fuel leak. The strong smell of unburnt fuel might also be a good indication that there is a problem with the injector, or more of them.

The next part is the disassembly of the fuel injection system and cleaning and inspection of each individual injector. The injectors which are not broken can be cleaned and reassembled, whereas the broken ones will need to be replaced. If you are doing this on your won, make sure that you use the appropriate tools and parts and that you know how to reassemble everything the way it was.

Expected Benefits

Once you have cleaned or replaced your fuel injectors, the first thing you should experience is the improved starting and performance, with improved fuel efficiency and quieter operation.

Neglecting any part of your vehicle is a bad idea, especially if it is vital for proper functioning. Make sure that you find a good mechanic to help you take proper care of your vehicle. San Diego’s Propulsion Controls Engineering is the premier choice with over 40 years of experience. Contact PCE for further information.

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