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What Does a Fuel Injector Service Appointment Entail?

What Does a Fuel Injector Service Appointment Entail?

There are several signs indicating you might need to visit a fuel injector service for maintenance. Your engine will most likely not perform as well as expected, or your fuel economy might be worse than it was when you first got the engine. Or sometimes, just knowing that you’ve used the engine for a long time without maintenance is sign enough, even if nothing is wrong on the surface. In most cases, the cause of all your troubles will be a dirty or clogged fuel injector. 

To prevent the problem from causing an even bigger issue, you should take the engine for a routine fuel injector service at a reputable diesel engine repair shop like Propulsion Controls Engineering. Your mechanic will be able to determine whether the filters are causing the issue and then thoroughly clean them.

Depending on the type of fuel injector, the appointment will look differently. There are two main types of fuel injectors we see: older, mechanical injectors and their modern counterparts, common rail injectors. While mechanical injectors are simple and can be cleaned by a DIY-savvy owner, common rail injectors are more sophisticated and require a professional’s touch.

What Does Mechanical Rail Testing Look Like?

Much like gas injector cleaning mechanical injectors starts with a test as soon as you bring your engine in. Since they are much simpler in design than common rail injectors they can be taken apart for inspection. The injectors are disassembled and inspected for wear, tear and unusable parts that need replacing.

What Does Common Rail Testing Look Like?

As with mechanical injectors, common rail injectors are tested first. However, since they are much more sophisticated the testing process is not as simple as taking them apart. Our staff uses a computerized bench to simulate real-world conditions in order to determine how your injectors are operating. Through modern test benches, we can simulate real working conditions as efficiently and precisely as possible to test the contemporary high-pressure fuel injectors.

The tests include checking for valve and high-pressure nozzle leaks, start behavior, speed adjustment tuning in an idle state, operating under full-load and more. The results of these tests let us find the right course of action. Sometimes cleaning the injectors will fix the issue, others replacing them is much more economical in the long run.

Should I Have a Fuel Injector Service Professional Inspect My Injectors?

Thanks to the Internet, nowadays there’s a lot of false information regarding fuel injector upkeep and maintenance. Some articles suggest old methods such as adding transmission fluids or gas to make sure your injectors last longer, prolong the life of your engine or to winterize them.

However, all of this information comes from unreliable sources and most likely people who have never seen a diesel engine, let alone dismantled it. But following their advice can be dangerous for many reasons. For one, modern fuel injectors are programmed to operate with diesel and encountering anything other than it can mess them up. 

However, you are free to use quality, approved diesel fuel additives to prolong the life of your engine and your injectors. But even with that, injectors cannot last forever and have to be serviced or replaced after a while due to the wear-prone nature of their use. That is all the more reason to schedule routine fuel injector maintenance

If you notice any unusual sounds, excessive smoke and the engine running rough, you should not risk and take the engine to a licensed technician. Even if you possess extensive knowledge about the inner workings of a diesel engine, you still need precise tools to accurately pinpoint the issue.

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