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Why is 6.0 l Ford Powerstroke Engine Prone to Breakages

Why is 6.0 l Ford Powerstroke Engine Prone to Breakages

In the USA, owning a car is practically mandatory, seeing how the distances between places are vast and the public transport is virtually non-existent. Picking the right car can be difficult, but reliability is usually high on the list of demands. In some cases, you cannot predict the problems which you may encounter.

One such engine is Ford’s 6.0 L Powerstroke diesel engine. Certain series of this engine have suffered from quality issues, and if you have had the bad luck to have one of these engines, there are potentially a lot of problems ahead of you. What you need is a reliable partner, who can fix anything and everything mechanical. PCE has been a staple of San Diego County’s marine, diesel and mechanical community for decades.

What engines are affected?

The potentially faulty engines are pretty old by now. This particular variant of the engine was introduced in 2002, and right from the onset caused a lot of problems; in some cases, the engines gave out immediately, potentially saving their owners huge amounts of money for repairs on account of the producer’s 5-year warranty. In some other cases, the fault took a bit longer to be identified. The engine was tweaked and improved, but it took years for designers to fix everything, leaving many with less than perfect versions of the engine.

What can go wrong on the engine?

As with any engine, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. But these things were especially common with this engine.

Fuel injection control module(or FICM for short) is a computer which controls fuel injection. Powerstroke engines can have issues with this part due to low voltage in the electrical system. Fuel injectors can present a connected issue to the previous one. Unlike most other engines, 6.0l Ford Powerstroke fuel injectors are controlled by both hydraulic and electronic means. This sadly makes them more prone to breakages. Oil cooler problems are very common with 6.0l Powerstroke engines. This problem occurs if the ducts aren’t properly cleaned of the sand during the assembly, choking the system.

Why were there so many breakages?

Essentially, this was a brand new engine when it was introduced in 2002. The old 7.3 l Powerstroke was unrefined and outdated. A new design was needed in order to meet the new emissions regulations, and 6.0 l is the result. It was advertised as being the state of the art design, with faster turbo response time and more powerful than the larger engine it replaced. In all the benchmarks, it beat the competition easily.

However, there were numerous problems with the design, as well as with the quality. The engines were recalled and service bulletins were issued a lot more than it is common with diesel engines.

The constant problems caused the engine’s fuel system to be completely redesigned only a year after its debut. When I say ‘completely’, what I mean is almost 500 parts were changed. This move helped make them more reliable, but it didn’t solve all the problems. Ford insisted (and they still do) that the problems can be solved, and the engine can be made reliable, but this incident has cast a shadow on the relationship between Ford and its customers, as well as a stain on the reputation of the automotive giant.

This troubled engine has gotten better over the years, but it can still experience failures. 6.0l Ford Powerstroke fuel injectorsrepair, as well as any other mechanical service, can be found at PCE. PCE has decades of experience with all things diesel, as well as offering some other services. Contact PCE today to learn why we are the best around.
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