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What You Need to Know Prior to Fan Coil Repair

What You Need to Know Prior to Fan Coil Repair

If you have little experience with the technical details of your air conditioning system, it may shock you when your AC mechanic tells you that you need a fan coil repair in a San Diego summer. What is it, anyway? Luckily for you, there is a simple way to explain the concept of a fan coil and how it works. Read through this text and you will no longer be clueless about the inner workings of your AC.

The fan coil unit

This is a simple heating or cooling device. It consists of a fan, which creates the air current and a coil which acts as a heat exchanger. What is a heat exchanger? Simply put, it is a device which transfers heat between fluids. It may sound complicated, but it is rather simple.

The device receives hot or cold water (depending on whether you want to chill or warm the place) from a central unit. It is then distributed through the coil by the fan, managing the air temperature and in some cases, humidity.

Essentially, think about your car. Do you know how your coolant cools your engine? It’s really simple. The coolant runs through the engine, picks up heat from the engine, thus cooling it. The heated coolant is then passed next to a cooling fan, and the circle starts anew.

Where is this fan coil unit used?

Due to its simple design, a fan coil unit is very versatile. It is used in HVAC systems for homes, commercial and industrial-scale facilities. It is also found in aftermarket AC devices for cars. HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; no further explanation needed there. The reason this type of air conditioning is so popular is the simplicity and the relatively lower cost over the other types of air conditioning.

Are all fan coil units the same?

As with most technologies, the basic design has many different versions. In terms of temperature control, you have those with in-built thermostats, which will turn the fan on or off and those with a manual switch. In terms of mounting position, you have ceiling-mounted and floor mounted ones. In terms of power output, you have a whole slew of options, depending on the area that needs to be managed.

The most important division, however, is between two-pipe and four-pipe fan coil units. The former has only two pipes. One is the supply pipe, and the other is the return pipe. Depending on the time of the year, and the thermostat, it either circulates hot or cold water. Four-pipe units have the luxury of doing both things at the same time, if it is necessary for some reason. Imagine you have a tropical greenhouse that you just want to keep hot and humid, even though it’s summer outside. The rest of the house, naturally, needs to be cooled down. You can do both simultaneously with just one air conditioning system, provided that you use the four-pipe one.

So, what can go wrong with it?

There are, of course, some downsides to this air-conditioning method. First of them is the noise level. Some lower-end devices can be quite loud. This fault depends on the quality of the components, and is not inherent to the system. Since the system uses water (or some other fluid), there is a chance of leakage. And finally, as with any electrical system, electrical and mechanical problems may occur.

What do I do about it?

The answer is simple; if you need a fan coil repair San Diego service, consult PCE, the experts for all things mechanical.
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