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Boat Maintenance in the Fall

Boat Maintenance in the Fall

If you are not quite ready to pack up your boat for the season, you will need to do a few things to prepare your boat for the fall boating season. Many people claim that the fall is actually the best and the most beautiful season to go boating, but it may be a subjective feeling.

However, what is definitely not a subjective feeling is the need to keep your boat in top shape if you want to have smooth and uninterrupted boating. To ensure that, you will need to perform regular maintenance and an occasional repair. So, what can you do for your boat in the fall?

You Will Be Alone

During the summer, most bodies of water are full of enthusiast boaters and it can get pretty crowded. However, as we transition into the colder periods, the majority of those people will stop going out. That means that you will have more room to maneuver and enjoy the water and nature.

However, that also means that if something happens, chances are you will be alone. That’s why you need to keep your boat in top form, especially for the autumn boating.

Regular Checkups

Like any other time you plan to go out before you set off, you need to check all of your supplies and equipment. The first thing you will rely on is the VHF radio, so make sure that the battery is charged and that it can hold that charge. Furthermore, all of your signaling devices should be in order, so make sure of that as well.

Seeing how it will get dark sooner, all of your lights may need to work for longer, so change any light fixtures which seem faulty. Don’t forget to bring a few spare lights, too. It may get cold as well, particularly on water, bring plenty of warm clothes and blankets for everyone.

Fall-Specific Checkups

The first thing you need to check when cold weather approaches is your starter battery pack. Without these, you most likely won’t be able to start your engine. In colder weather batteries tend to output lower voltages, so a battery which seemingly works fine in warm weather may have some problems performing in the cold.

Colder weather can lead to condensation inside your boat. That may be bad for your equipment, particularly the electrical devices which you will need for navigation and to operate the boat. Ensure that your ventilation works properly to avoid dampness-related problems.

Finally, all of your hoses will need an inspection as well. During the summer heat, all of them expanded and now as it gets colder, they need to return to their normal size. However, that can lead to cracks and ruptures. Fortunately, this is a simple task and it shouldn’t take you long. But don’t neglect to do it, because it may cost you much more to repair than it does to prevent.

As long as you are checking hoses, check the fittings as well. These can get loose for any number of reasons and not present as a problem outright, but over time, if neglected, this problem can escalate as well.

If you find any problem with your boat, the best thing you can do is take it to a ship repair and maintenance facility. If you are on a lookout for a San Diego ship repair facility, look no further than PCE. With a decades’ long experience and numerous contracts by the US Navy, the company has built quite a reputation. Contact PCE to learn more. After you have done the checkups, you are free to enjoy your autumn boating trip.

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