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Evaporator Repair San Diego: Common Issues with the Evaporator Unit

Evaporator Repair San Diego: Common Issues with the Evaporator Unit

Boats are designed to be autonomous for long periods of time. As long as you can store everything you need on it, you can potentially spend your entire life never docking and never leaving your vessel. Sadly for boat enthusiasts, the storage space on boats is limited, and so is the independence from external sources. Still, thanks to the evaporators, there’s one resource you do not need to store - water.

A boat crew can spend up to 100 liters of water per day for everyday use. Naturally, seawater is abrasive and out of the question for most uses on board, whether for cooking, drinking, or engine purposes, the salt content just precludes its use. We need fresh water for all of that. So, rather than lugging large quantities of water from mainland, the evaporator enables the distillation of fresh water straight from the sea surrounding you.

Also known as fresh water generators, evaporators come in several different types, depending on the technology they use. What is important is that they are mandatory devices for emergency situations. The system basically evaporates sea water using the heat of the engine, and then condenses it into fresh water using the coolness of the surrounding sea water. The actual operation procedure is quite complicated and involves a lot of steps, but that is the basic principle.

Still, most boat users do not know how to use these machines correctly. The machine which could mean life if the boat breaks down in the middle of the ocean is often disregarded and not maintained. Being able to identify the problem could help you when dealing with the breakage. Evaporator repair in San Diego area is best left to the professionals at PCE. Still, here are some indicators that your evaporator is not functioning properly.

Loss of vacuum or the increase of pressure of the shell

The temperature of water in the water generators is about 158 degrees °F.That is not enough for evaporation in normal conditions. Vacuum is used to lower the pressure to the point where the boiling point of water is 158 degrees °F. If the vacuum fails or the pressure increases, the production of fresh water is stopped. There are a few reasons.

·         Air leaks into the evaporator, and the air ejector is either overwhelmed or malfunctioning

·         Cooling water flow is reduced or the cooling water temperature is too high

Salt water carry-over

Also known as priming, this problem occurs when the supposedly desalinated water contains high amounts of salt. There are two basic reasons for this problem. The first reason is that salt water levels in the generator are high, so some of the water is carried over with the vapor. The other reason is that the density of the brine is too high, which again causes the salt water to be carried over with the vapor.

Increase in the level of brine

Brine is the leftover salt and water when the water is evaporated. There is a set amount of brine which can be stored in the generator. This is regulated and removed by the air-brine ejector. If it malfunctions, brine levels can rise to the point of breaking the generator.

Increase in the salinity of evaporated water          

This issue is connected to the previous one in terms of possible cause. The primary cause of this problem is the increase of level of brine. Some other causes include

·         contaminated sea water

·         increased CO2 levels in the water (this doesn’t actually increase the levels of salt, but it increases the conductivity of water, which is what salinometer measures)

This valuable piece of equipment may come in handy one day, so keep it functional and ready. And if you ever have problems with it, remember that the best place to conduct evaporator repair in San Diego area is PCE. Contact us and see for yourself.
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