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Is a diesel engine a good choice for a truck?

Is a diesel engine a good choice for a truck?

Americans are used to a certain type of vehicle. Traditionally termed ‘gas guzzlers’, these are large trucks or SUVs typically paired with massive engines. Both gasoline and diesel engines are available, and the choice is left for the individual consumer to make. So, what should you pick if you are getting a big truck?

Typically, everyone has a preference, and they stick to it. However, if you want to get analytical, there are several key areas that you will need to consider: fuel economy, repairs, cost, durability, and power. This article explains the benefits of choosing diesel engines, with comparisons to their gasoline counterparts.

Fuel economy

Diesel engines are significantly more cost effective than gasoline ones. In fact, they can be up to 30 percent more fuel efficient. Especially with the recent developments in the industry and with stricter EPA regulations, diesel engines have become far better than they were in the past. Some measurements have shown that contemporary diesels can be compared to some gasoline-electric hybrids in terms of fuel economy.


A diesel engine is designed to be rugged and durable. Since the engines are relatively simple, they are typically less prone to breakdowns than a gasoline engine. However, when they do occur, trips to the mechanic cost more with diesel engines. Diesel truck repair in San Diego County is available at a variety of mechanical shops. However, be mindful that a diesel engine is technologically more advanced than a gasoline engine, so you should find a shop which is proficient with diesel engines.


The initial cost of a diesel truck is usually considerably higher. One reason which is usually mentioned is that the EPA regulations are so strict that the demand for them is lower, driving the prices up. Apart from the initial cost, you should consider the maintenance and fuel costs. Diesel used to be significantly cheaper than gasoline, which made the debate about this pointless. However, due to changes in the fuel quality and some other factors diesel fuel is now equal or even more expensive than gasoline. However, in regards to the fuel efficiency diesel is the way to go. In terms of maintenance, diesels are slightly more expensive to upkeep, since they require regular oil changes, as well as filter changes and other small investments much more frequently than gasoline ones.


As mentioned before, diesels are the more durable choice. In some cases, they can go as much as 900,000 miles with just the basic maintenance, with no repairs. Even if you do not plan to keep your car for that long, remember that there are fewer things to break down.


If you need the oomph and instant speed, you are thinking of a gasoline engine. However, diesel engine is like a workhorse; maybe slow to start, but strong and durable. Diesels are better at transferring energy from the engine to the drivetrain. If you need to tow something, there is no beating diesel. With constant improvements driven by the ever stricter EPA regulations, diesels are only going to get better over time.

Ultimately, the odds are slightly more in favor of the diesel engine. There is no knowing the future, so you are taking a chance either way. However, if you pick a diesel there is one more important perk; you can count on diesel truck repair in San Diego County by the premier diesel engine experts at PCE. PCE have been in the business for over 40 years, offering both services and parts for various diesel engines and generators. Contact PCE today.
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