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Emergency Boiler Control Valve Repair San Diego

Emergency Boiler Control Valve Repair San Diego

The boiler control valve is the most common part of the heating system to give homeowners a headache due to often unforeseen malfunctions. In this article PCE-employed, experienced team of mechanics specializing in boiler control valve repair in San Diego explain how boiler control valves work, what their function is, and what you can do in case you ever experience a fault in your heating system due to the control valve malfunction.

What is a Boiler Control Valve?

A boiler control valve manages the flow of hot water to the heating system. It is a part of the hot water supply element and is one of the most important boiler components. This valve adjusts the flow of water in the boiler by opening and closing when needed. You can find many variations of this valve on the market, some of the most popular being diaphragm, needle, plug, ball and butterfly types. The simplest control valve type is the ball one, which operates similarly to the butterfly valves.

The boiler control valves are not always reliable and tend to come with easy-to-break parts due to the fact that the flow is subject to sudden changes because of varying temperatures and pressure. These valves can be made out of stainless or carbon steel, zinc or brass. Most boiler control valves are automatic, but come in a manual variant as well.

Method of Operation

The control valve is meant to prevent hot water rising due to the fact that it weighs less than cold water. When the thermostat determines that it needs more hot water in the system, the hot water is allowed to flow thanks to the control valve. If it weren’t for this component, hot water would flow unchecked and the system would overheat.

Inside the control valve is a weight usually made of bronze, which rises whenever the circulator is in operation. When the circulator is no longer in operation, the weigh lowers back into its socket and prevents gravity circulation. The valve should be installed with the stem pointed at the ceiling, and if you had an amateur deal with installation or tried to install the valve but placed it upside-down yourself, this might be what’s causing your issues.

The valve is installed in the supply pipes, where the water is the hottest. If you turn the handle located at the top of the valve counter-clockwise, you can manually lift the weight. However, you shouldn’t resort to this unless the circulator unit had failed. This bypass was added to allow for homeowners to temporary receive heat until the circulator is fixed.

What to Do If a Boiler Malfunctions Because of a Faulty Control Valve

If you suspect that either the control valve or the circulator is malfunctioning, immediately contact your insurance company if the policy covers the boiler. If the boiler is new, check if the warranty is still valid and contact the manufacturer. In other cases, contact a boiler control valve repair San Diego expert like PCE to assess the issue for you, as malfunctioning boilers can prove to be potentially dangerous. We excel at handling emergency cases and our agents can be reached online or at 619.235.0961.

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