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When Downtime Is Not An Option.



Electric Motor Won't Start Without Help: What Should I Do

Electric Motor Won't Start Without Help: What Should I Do

When a motor breaks down, at best it’s a huge annoyance that forces you to change your schedule and waste time troubleshooting the problem. At worst, it results in considerable business losses and prevents your company from working at full capacity until the motor is fixed or replaced. The fastest and safest way to solve the problem is to immediately take the faulty motor to a reputable company that provides motor rewinding services in San Diego. To make the issue a little easier, here’s an AC motor repair checklist that will help you find out why your electric motor won’t start without help and whether rewinding is the answer to your problems.

This checklist will help you determine whether you need a replacement or if motor rewinding can restore the functionality to your unit. You can also learn about motor rewinding and motor rewinding advantages on our website.

Damaged wiring

The motor won’t start if the wiring that passes electric current through it is broken, loose, or of the wrong gauge. Consult your owner’s manual. It contains motor diagrams that will show you how the wiring should look. Compare it to the wiring in your motor’s standard circuit. If it looks drastically different or the wires are clearly damaged, you’ve found your culprit.

Faulty starter coil

The vital thing to check when an electric motor won’t start without help is the starter coil. Some of the signs of a failing starter coil include backfiring, high fuel usage, and engine stalling or misfiring, so if you’ve previously experienced any of these symptoms there’s a high chance the starter coil has to be replaced.

Blown fuse

Blown fuses are one of the common issues that cause electric motor problems or even total failures. A blown fuse has to be replaced with a new fuse that has the same amperage. Once that is done, the breaker has to be reset. You must also make sure the current draw isn’t too high as that may be causing fuses to blow and may further damage the motor in the future.

Starting capacitor has failed

Does your motor use a starting capacitor? If so, the reason your electric motor won’t start without help may be directly caused by this capacitor. Check it for resistance. If there’s little or no capacitor resistance, it’s probably broken and has to be replaced.

Control switch contacts are damaged

A broken, corroded, or burnt control switch prevents the electricity from flowing correctly through the motor. Look at the contacts on the control switch. It’s possible that they’re just dirty and not damaged. In this case, cleaning them can restore your motor to working order. Even better, if there’s no damage, you’ll likely be able to keep using the switches without needing to replace them.

Best thing to do when an electric motor won’t start without help

Troubleshooting a motor that won’t turn on yourself is all well and good, but there are limits to how much you can do without access to specialized training and equipment. That’s why PCE is here. We are San Diego’s premier ship repair and maintenance company. Four decades of experience working in the industry have taught us everything there is to know about electric motors and how best to fix and optimize them. We even have multiple contracts with the US Navy. Reach out to us today and let us give your problematic motor the attention it deserves.

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