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How to Pick the Best Electric Motor Service

How to Pick the Best Electric Motor Service

Electric motors are used for many different purposes during our daily lives. But like all machines with moving parts, electric motors suffer from wear and will break down sooner or later. When a burnout happens, you will want to get it fixed at the best electric motor repair San Diego has to offer. However, picking which shop to take your motor to can be a frustrating task, regardless of the type of motor, especially if this is the first time you need such repairs. Here is a list of things you want to be on the lookout for when choosing the right electric motor specialists for your needs, whether you're looking to rewind or repair.

What is their previous experience?

A great way to figure out if a company is trustworthy is to check their history. Their website is a good place to start. If they are legit, they will include testimonials from satisfied customers. A surefire sign of quality is when they’re endorsed by reputable institutions or businesses.

Of course, there are other options in case you don’t trust their website. You can find numerous online rankings and forums that discuss various electric motor specialists and their services. In these online communities, people share their experience with these businesses and you can obtain valuable information first-hand.

Are they using state of the art equipment?

If a person is willing to invest in grade A tools, then they’re serious about their work and probably able to use those tools to their full potential. Some professionals build their own equipment. However, while this is often a good sign, it’s still a safer bet to opt for the company that uses professional grade equipment.

Are they recommended by other companies?

Endorsements by a reputable company that is related to their field of expertise is one of the best stamps of approval a business can have. Certain electric motor manufacturers are affiliated exclusively with specific top-of-the-line repair shops. If a repair shop has such a partnership, rest assured their electric motor specialists are efficient and dependable.

Are they openly discussing the secrets of their craft?

Skilled professionals know that repairing electric motors requires more than some tools and knowing a few tips and tricks. For this reason, they aren’t afraid to share their knowledge and help educate other people about the complexities of their work. This knowledge is often shared in blog posts, educational videos, magazine articles, troubleshooting instructions, or even online courses.

When a repair shop’s website contains such goodies, you can be sure that they know what they’re talking about. Otherwise, their lack of expertise would be obvious to everyone, and they would never be able to operate a successful business.

The electric motor specialists you can trust

San Diego’s PCE has been in the electric motor repair business for four decades. We are your premier choice for all things, mechanical and electrical. We had numerous US Navy contracts over the years. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us today and our polite professionals will gladly answer them. 

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