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Stages of an Electric Motor Rewinding Service

Stages of an Electric Motor Rewinding Service

Having your burned out motor rewound at a reputable motor rewinding service in San Diego is a great way to get more mileage out of your old parts. Not only does it save you money upfront by removing the need to buy an expensive replacement, a quality electric motor rewinding service can restore high performance even to a complex energy-efficient unit.

But how, exactly, are electric motors in San Diego rewound and what is the common rewinding formula? Read on to learn more about the different stages of our rewinding process so you could learn to tell it apart from the motor repair process.

Preliminary inspection

As soon as the motor arrives in the workshop, the engineers conduct an initial check. This includes checking the motor’s nameplate for manufacturer information, as well as looking for additional nameplates that may have been added to note previous repairs. Customer’s comments, such as the environment the motor was used in and whether it was rewound before, can be vital when it comes to determining the cause of the breakdown.

Finally, a thorough external inspection is a critical part of any type of electric motor repair in San Diego. Blocked cooling ducts indicate overheating. Blue/brown discoloration in the shaft is the telltale sign of bearing seizure or excessive heat. Some malfunctions can even be caused by certain parts of the motor - terminal box, seals, the fan, etc. - being damaged or even absent.

Dismantling - the second stage of the electric motor rewinding service

More often than not, a motor needs to be taken apart to determine why it failed. The engineers doing the dismantling must inspect the terminal box connections and layout, the type, size, and clearance of bearings, rotor orientation, shaft position, and the condition of rotor and stator cores. They must also check for any dirt of water that may have gotten inside the motor.

Cleaning of core and removal of winding

This task is generally conducted in four separate phases. First, the winding details are recorded on a data sheet. Then the core loss testing is carried out. The next step is to take out the old winding. The fourth and last step includes cleaning the stator core in preparation for the electric motor rewinding service.

Rewinding the motor

Duplicating the original winding configuration, but keeping the coil extensions as short as possible and the same length as the overhang, is the most reliable way to retain energy efficiency. Needless to say, our motor winding procedure is conducted by experienced engineers who are able to pick a different winding style that matches, or even boosts, your motor’s original performance. Once the rewinding process is complete, the motor is reassembled.

Top electric motor rewinding service in San Diego

Here at PCE, we believe everyone should get the most out of their parts. Whether you want to have your motor rewound, or you’re looking for dependable generator maintenance in San Diego, PCE is the service for you. We have more than four decades of experience in the ship repair and fabrication industry, and have had multiple contracts with the US Navy over the years. Call us today and get the cutting-edge service you deserve.

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