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Analyzing Electric Motor Rewinding Effectiveness

Analyzing Electric Motor Rewinding Effectiveness

If you are using electric motors in your commercial endeavor, it is recommended that you buy an energy-efficient electric motor because these motors provide a much better output for a lot less money. However, what happens when one of these motors breaks? Rewinding it is always an option.

 For the most effective electric motor rewinding San Diego residents should look no further than PCE. Replacing a motor can be quite costly and it may even be unnecessary because good electric motor specialists should be able to rewind your electric motor without the loss of efficiency. Here’s what you need to know about electric motor rewinding.

Check for Stator Core Damage

Before you opt for rewinding your motor, you will need to make sure that the stator core is not damaged. In fact, the first thing an electric motor specialist should look for when troubleshooting your motor is damage to the core. There are different reasons why your motor may have failed. Some of these won’t have damaged the stator core, like overheating issues, but there are those failures which can have a bit more impact on the rotor core.

For instance, if your bearings become damaged through the normal use of the motor, more likely than not, this will lead to the damage of the stator core. This will have a serious impact on the electric motor rewinding effectiveness, as the lamination of the iron core will likely be frayed and that has a serious impact on the performance. If that is the case, most experts will recommend scrapping the motor and buying a new one.

Time Constraints

Another reason why you might want to rewind your motor rather than have it replaced is the time it will take. If you act quickly, your electric motor can be rewound in a single day and be back in function the next day. On the other hand, if you opt for replacement, you will likely have to wait for delivery and setup.

If you can wait that long out of production, either option is suitable. However, most businesses cannot afford to be out of production for a week or longer it takes to deliver a new motor.

Non-Standard Motors

Some businesses require specialized electric motors which are not standard and cannot be found on the market. When these motors fail, you will inevitably need to repair them, rather than replace them. You simply cannot find the necessary replacements.

In fact, this is the opportunity to actually improve your electric motor. The rewinder will have the necessary specs you give them about the type and the size of the wire, the number of turns and similar things. However, they may be able to improve the other specs, like the temperature resistance, which is a possible cause of the electric motor failure.

Regular Efficiency vs Energy Efficient Motors

Before you decide which of the two options (replace or repair) you will pick, consider the efficiency of your current motor. Standard efficiency motors are worth the money and the repair if you don’t use them every day and if they don’t run for extended periods of time.

If you need a reliable electric motor which is supposed to run daily for long hours, it may be better to replace the standard efficiency motor with an energy efficient alternative. Even though it will initially cost you a bit more money, over time it will even out and even start saving you some money through the lower electricity bills and longer lifespan.

Electric motor rewinding efficiency has been called into question in the past, but the modern machinery is much more efficient and will be able to retain a lot of its efficiency even when rewound. However, you will still need to pick the right partner for the job. PCE is San Diego’s premier choice for all things electrical and mechanical. Numerous US Navy contracts and over 40 years of experience speak for themselves and if you need any more information, contact PCE today.

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