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Preventative Electric Motor Maintenance: Rotors

Preventative Electric Motor Maintenance: Rotors

Just like every other piece of machinery, your electric motor requires some maintenance in order to function properly and to ensure that it will last you for a long time. Depending on the size and the type of your motor, the maintenance can be very simple, or fairly complicated.

If you are looking for an electric motor service in San Diego, consider PCE, a company with over 4 decades of engineering experience. However, there are some things you can do by yourself without the need for professional help if you suspect that your rotors may be at risk of damage.

Why Rotors Get Damaged

The rotor is the part of your electric motor which moves in order to generate the useful work which is converted to mechanical energy. Just like everything else that moves, some parts of the rotor can wear out and become damaged. The rotor is the part of the motor which suffers the most stress, which is why it is the likeliest place where the damage will occur.

By the time you realize that something is wrong, it is probably too late, and the motor has already suffered some damage. However, if you conduct periodical inspections and maintenance, you can spot the problem before it arises and causes any damage.

Vibrations and Noise

You can see and hear this issue long before it becomes a problem. If you use your electric motor a lot, you will become accustomed to the noise and vibrations which are normal for it, especially when it runs at high RPMs.

If, however, you start feeling some changes in the vibration or the sound, the best thing to do is troubleshoot the motor before the issue escalates into a full blown problem and causes damage to the motor or the machinery which the said motor powers.

Furthermore, after a repair or regular maintenance, make a conscious effort to note any changes which may indicate that the repair was not successful, or that something else is wrong with the motor. If the motor has been reassembled incorrectly, it can lead to excessive shaking and vibrations which will eventually lead to a new breakage.

Visible Scratches on the Bars

If you are still unsure that the vibrations are a sign of damage, you can have an expert disassemble your motor and inspect the rotor bars. These scratches may indicate that there is the problem with the magnetic field, which then, in turn, causes poor performance of the motor.

Electric motor maintenance specialists should be able to determine if there is any damage visually, or by using specialized techniques and equipment.

Unknown Cause

If your motor has stopped working, and you can’t figure out any reason why, you will need to consult an expert to conduct an in-depth electric motor maintenance. One of the most common reasons why electric motor rotors fail is the way they are made. Rotors consist of several layers of steel laminated together, which are connected to the windings, coils of copper or aluminum wire. All of these parts need to function properly in order to have the whole motor run smoothly. If any of these malfunctions, whether due to moisture, physical damage or short-circuiting, the whole thing stops working.

More often than not, there is no simple explanation why the motor stopped working. That’s why you will most likely need to consult experts if your electric motor stops working. Finding the best electric motor service in San Diego is as easy as contacting PCE.

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