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When Downtime Is Not An Option.



Easy Hydraulic Pump Repair in San Diego

Easy Hydraulic Pump Repair in San Diego

Hydraulic pumps are pretty useful devices. They are capable of converting mechanical energy into hydrostatic energy. This makes them ideal for lifting, lowering, opening and closing various components of complex mechanical systems. However, pumps do break down on occasion. And when they do, you want the best experts to diagnose, repair and restore your pump as soon as possible. That’s why PCE exists, to help you when downtime is not an option.

To figure out what could have gone wrong with your pump, you need to know what type of hydraulic pump you have. The most common types to be found in boats and other vehicles are gear pumps and piston pumps. Here’s a brief description of the basic types.

Gear pumps

This is the most common type of hydraulic pumps. They consist of one or more gears which mesh together to create the pressure needed to perform the useful work. There are some subtypes, all with their advantages and drawbacks.

External gear pumps

Used mostly in industrial applications, these devices most commonly lubricate machine tools, or engines. They are quite light and cheap. They are flexible in terms of temperature and viscosity, as well. Their name comes from the fact that one of the gears is connected to the drive, while the other gear is powered by meshing with the drive valve. The downside is that they tend to be quite noisy.

Internal gear pumps

These kinds of pumps are widely used in non-mobile applications, such as presses, or for indoor vehicles, such as forklifts. The name comes from the design. The gears are one within the other. The inner gear is connected to the drive, whereas the outer is propelled by meshing with the inner gear. This generates the flow of the lubricant. The advantage of these pumps is that they only have two moving parts, so they are reliable. It also enables the pump to move the lubricant in both directions. The downside is that they can’t withstand higher pressures or speeds.

Gear ring pumps

The typical application of this type of pump is in pressurized lubrication of combustion engines, or hydraulic power steering. It can be combined with other types of pumps (typically a radial piston pump) in large presses or tensioning machines.

Hydraulic Piston pumps

These pumps can manage high pressures in combination with high flows. This makes them ideal for marine auxiliary power units, as well as construction equipment and oil field machinery.

The principle of functioning is fairly simple. There are pistons which slide back and forth inside the cylinders, which causes the flow of the lubricant. They tend to be quite compact in size, yet very durable and strong. This makes them ideal for use in boats and jet engines.

Vane Pumps

These pumps are used with significantly lower pressures than the other two basic pump types. Still, they are capable of dealing with higher viscosity fluids. This makes them desirable for use in industry, for slowly, but steadily adding liquids to the mass (such as dye), or in construction machines. They produce a constant flow, which in turn creates significantly less noise.

The use of hydraulic pumps in boating is ubiquitous and widespread. Military, drilling, fishing, transport or leisure vessels all incorporate these useful devices. Whatever you use your boat for; you need it to be in solid condition, for your personal safety, as well as for the financial safety of your investment. That is why you need a partner who can identify and quickly repair a hydraulic pump in San Diego County. That’s why you need PCE, the Navy’s preferred partner and experts of many decades in all things mechanical.

Easy Hydraulic Pump Repair in San Diego

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