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Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Diesel Replacement Engine

Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Diesel Replacement Engine

Diesel engines are a trucker's best friend. They are more fuel efficient, more sturdily built, less likely to suffer a breakdown, and the diesel fuel they use is less dangerous to handle than gasoline. With the help of a reliable San Diego diesel truck repair service, you can get much more mileage out of a diesel than any equivalent gasoline engine.

However, as with all machines, there comes a time when not even regularly changing motor oil and performing thorough maintenance on your diesel truck can prevent your old diesel engine from failing.

When this happens, there is no choice but to replace your engine with a new one. Read on to learn a few important things about diesel engines that may aid you in choosing the right replacement engine for your truck.

How does a diesel engine start?

When starting a diesel engine, the first thing to consider is the heat in the cylinder. If it's too low, combustion won't be possible. Thankfully, this is never a problem during normal weather conditions.

After the key is turned in the ignition and the accelerator is pressed, fuel pumps pull the fuel from the fuel tank, take it through the fuel filters, and pass it into the injector nozzles. The nozzles then spray the pressurized fuel into a delivery tube. The high pressures used here automatically heat up the air inside the engine.

The air, the fuel, and the "fire" all meet in the cylinder. Combustion then spreads from the smaller amount of diesel fuel that's put under pressure in the pre-combustion chamber, reaching the air and the fuel in the main combustion chamber.

Will a diesel start without glow plugs?

Glow plugs are specialized heating components inside an engine. Their purpose is to quickly warm up the engine to the temperature where combustion becomes possible. This enables you to start your truck even in very low temperatures that would otherwise prevent combustion.

And so, while it is possible to start a diesel truck without glow plugs, it's certainly not recommended to try doing so. For one, you don't want to get stranded somewhere and trying to think of a way to warm up your engine.

Second, missing, faulty, or burned out glow plugs can cause all sorts of engine problems, including starter and battery damage, lesser fuel efficiency, power and acceleration decreases, black smoke coming out of the exhaust, and so on.

What causes diesel engine to hard start?

Diesel engines can sometimes have starting problems due to sub-zero temperatures (-40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower). Batteries are often the main problem here. The same battery that has 100% of its capacity available at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, will have just 46% of its capacity at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's recommended to test your old or weak batteries under load before each winter. Also, if you do find yourself having battery-related problems, make sure to turn off amperage-consuming devices such as radios, air conditioners, and heaters before attempting to start the engine.

As noted earlier, faulty or failed glow plugs will likely be unable to supply the heat necessary to enable combustion. This will prevent the vehicle from starting until the engine has warmed up.

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