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What does the Extended Cummins Warranty cover?

What does the Extended Cummins Warranty cover?

It is standard practice in the USA and in most other areas of the world that the producers of goods guarantee for the quality of their products. Most commonly, they promise that the product will work without a problem for a set period of time. 

In case something goes wrong, the company is held accountable, and repairs or replaces the product free of charge. That’s the idea, anyway. However, some companies craft their warranties so cunningly and unintelligibly that no one is sure what they are offering.

Buying a big diesel engine is no small investment. Therefore you should know what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. Cummins is a famous company with good reputation. However, it can’t hurt to seriously delve into the kind of warranty they are offering for their engines.

The statement is over 200 pages long. However, this is a unified warranty for all their products, so only a part of this document is really related to the product you have bought.

Standard warranty

The standard warranty is pretty standard, as the name would imply. It offers the assurances of the company that the product will work without failure for a certain period of time (most commonly two years) but warns that only the original parts can be used to replace the broken ones, otherwise the warranty is voided.

The obligations of the company are listed, mostly concerning their responsibility to provide fast and quality repair or replacement of parts free of charge. The responsibilities of the buyer are also listed, most notably, how to maintain and properly operate the product. Cases, when the warranty is null and void, are also listed, with improper use being the most important one.

Extended warranty

Some people feel like the standard warranty is not enough, and they require additional assurances. Companies gladly offer such assurances, for an additional fee. Cummings also offers an additional warranty, which comes not only with extended duration of the warranty but also with a variety of other perks.


People who take these extended warranties often say that buying a diesel engine or generator is a long-term investment, and therefore they want to be sure that they get the most of it for as long as possible. Essentially, the extended warranty protects their investment from financial shock for longer.

What’s on offer?

The most important thing they offer is minimal repair time, as these customers are prioritized. Additionally, only original Cummins parts are used for repairs, by Cummins technicians, for the best results. No unexpected additional charges are also promised to the customers, as well as the opportunity to transfer the coverage to other people in case you sell the product before the warranty is up, once again, with no additional charges. 

What’s not included?

Most notably, standard maintenance is not a part of the deal. This is something you have to do with all products, and having a warranty doesn’t absolve you from doing it. 

Similarly, the ‘improper use’ part from the standard warranty applies here too. If the damage is done to the product through your misuse, your warranty will not cover it.

All in all, extended warranties are a matter of preference. Some people will look to save money; other will value the peace of mind more. Whatever you decide to do, you will ultimately need someone who knows Cummins products.

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