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Cummins N14 San Diego – Fast Facts About Performance and Maintenance

Cummins N14 San Diego

Cummins is a major diesel engine manufacturer and Cummins N14 is a tried-and-true favorite that has seen multiple applications, from on-road applications to industrial equipment and even generators. Did you know that the US military prefers Cummins diesel engines, which are used in a variety of equipment from logistic trucks to heavy artillery?

The engine’s design is based on 855 ci Cummins and there have been many variations. Electronic controls were added in the early nineties to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. The redesign was named Celect fuel system, and it had an electronic control module (ECM) and electronic injectors. Cummins N14 stopped producing around 2000 and has been replaced with Cummins ISX.



Intake Valve Clearance: .014”

Exhaust Valve Clearance: .027”

Engine Brake Clearance: .023”

Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4

Oil Pressure: 10 psi when idle, 25 psi at 1200 rpm

Fuel Pressure: 25 psi when cranking, 120 psi at 1200 rpm

HP: 310 – 525

Peak Torque: 1250 – 1850 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Governed Speed: 2100

Performance Tips

The manufacturer recommends a speed between 1450 and 1550 rpm with coolant temperatures between 158°F and 212°F.

After a full-load operation, the engine should be allowed to idle between 3 and 5 minutes, so that lubrication oil and coolant can take away the heat from the chamber, bearings, shaft and turbocharger. It will also avoid having the engine oil carboned.

Recommended maintenance

This is the recommended schedule for B and C-series midrange engines. A competent mechanic will be able to tell you more. If you have any questions or you need to have your Cummins N14 repaired in San Diego, feel free to contact Propulsion Controls Engineering, an established and trusted engineering company that provides rapid and highly reliable solutions for all your engine problems.

Daily check or during re-fueling:

·        Oil level

·        Coolant level

·        Inspect for engine oil and air-intake leaks

·        Inspect the belts and hoses for damage

·        Operator report

·        Drive belt

·        Drain the water and buildup from the fuel-water separator

Every 3 months/ 6,000 miles:

·        Replace lube oil and filter

·        Drain water and buildup from the fuel separator

·        Inspect air cleaner restriction and air intake system

Every 6 months/ 12,000 miles add this to the routine:

·        Replace the fuel filter and the coolant filter (the latter is only for C-series)

·        Inspect the anti-freeze point

Every 12 months/ 24,000 miles expand the routine to include this:

·        Adjust the valve lash clearance

·        Inspect the fan hub, belt tension and the bearing

·        Charge air cooler

Every 2 years/ 48,000 miles also do this:

·        Replace antifreeze

·        Inspect the vibration damper

Finally, remember that Propulsion Controls Engineering is always available to deal with servicing and/ or repairing your Cummins N14 in San Diego!

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