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Comprehensive Guide to Woodward Governor Models

Comprehensive Guide to Woodward Governor Models

A governor is a piece of equipment that regulates the load in an engine or a turbine and maintains its constant speed, given that if the load is increased, the engine speed will change as well. However, the governor will alter the fuel flow in order to maintain a constant speed of the engine or a turbine. The same goes for decreasing the load, meaning that if the load becomes lighter, generator speed will abruptly increase. However, the governor decreases the flow of fuel or steam until the speed is normalized and reverted to the set parameters. 

Woodward governor working principle

Woodward is among the most reliable and innovative governor manufacturers on the market. Woodward governors control the fuel racks to ensure that a constant speed is maintained at all times. To expand on the introduction, a governor is a mechanical-hydraulic or a digital device that has an independent supply of oil from the lubricating system of the engine. Loosing lube oil pressure will therefore cut the supply to the governor, which in turn shuts the engine down. This ensures that the engine shuts down safely if it happens to lose oil pressure. Its method of operation is based on the combination of hydraulic pistons and mechanical flyweights, powered by the blower shaft of the engine.

The speed determines the position of the flyweights. When the engine changes speed, the weights move in or out. This movement triggers a small piston in the hydraulic system. This adjusts the flow of the hydraulic fluid to a larger piston linked to the fuel rack. Its motion resets the rack for increased or decreased influx of fuel.

Woodward Governor Models

With over a century of experience in designing mechanical governors, Woodward has radically developed their models from simple, water wheel governors to modern, digital designs ahead of their time and competition. With equal focus on both mechanical and electronic governors, Woodward have perfected the design of both. Mentioned below are some of the most prominent and popular Woodward Governor Models, mechanical and digital, on the market.

Woodward UG-8 governor

The industry standard when it comes to speed control, this model is a mechanical-hydraulic governor used to control diesel, gas or dual fuel engines or turbines. The UG-8 model is a reliable partner when it comes to maintaining engine speed and temperature range. Due to the fact that it had been the most popular governor solution for many years, almost any respectable company is equipped and trained to service it. An experienced company specialized in Woodward governor troubleshooting in San Diego like PCE can easily assess and fix any problems this model encounters and find replacement parts just as easily.

Woodward PGD governor

Woodward PG Dial governor can be used for anything from engine driving pumps and compressors to marine propulsion units and paper machines. As the name would imply, the wide available speed range is adjusted through a dial on the unit. Apart from maintaining constant speed the PGD can limit the load and safely shut down operation if the lubrication oil pressure fails. Each unit is customized to meet the needs of the engine and operation it is used for.

Woodward 505E (Extraction/Admission) Steam Turbine Control

When talking about digital governors, none works smoother than the mark 505E Woodward electronic governor for steam turbine. It can be programmed to operate on almost any engine or turbine regardless of their size. Its digital control is fully configurable and comes with a menu-oriented, user-friendly application software that is easy to learn and master. Its unique structure allows it to control several parameters at once, keeping in check anything from turbine speed and load to extraction and header pressure.

Woodward governor troubleshooting San Diego

Propulsion Control Engineering San Diego is a full service contractor, offering various services like electric motor and generator, valve, hydraulics and governor repair. With over 40 years of experience, our technicians have the equipment and the know-how to resolve any issues with most Woodward Governor models. Contact us for information about our products or services through our website form.

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