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Common Issues with Boats in Winter

Common Issues with Boats in Winter

Having a boat is a great experience, but it can be quite a challenging one as well. If you live in the areas of the country which freeze over during the winter, you need to think about winterizing your boat. When it comes to San Diego, ship repair and maintenance doesn’t normally include this winterization, but the experts at PCE are still experienced and skilled enough to help you with this issue.

However, even if you have done everything right and stored your boat properly, there are some things which can happen to your boat. So, pay attention to these common problems boat owners have with their vessels in winter.

The Tarp Can Damage Your Outboard’s Paint Job

Even though this is not too big of a problem, it is still very annoying to see and it is so simply avoidable, that we just had to mention it. The problem comes from the fact that the tarp which most people use to cover their boat is coarse. When the wind blows, it moves the tarp which grinds against the outboard and gradually scratches the glossy finish off of it. 

The solution is simple. Just cover your outboard’s surface with some padding like a blanket or a sheet and you can save your paint job from damage.

Your Boat Can Sink in Its Slip

If you leave your boat in the water, chances are that you have your own slip. However, a lot of sinkings occur in the slips themselves. If you think that you have solved all of your problems by closing all of the fittings which lie below the water level, you are forgetting one important feature of winter – snow. Melting snow can get into the fittings which lie above the water level and gradually add weight to your boat until it sinks.

Naturally, there’s an easy solution for this problem – visit your boat frequently and clean the snow from it after heavy snowfalls.

Freezing Can Be a Huge Problem

Another issue to consider are water hoses which burst because they are frozen over. More than just the hoses, your water pump, and other equipment can be damaged if this issue is not resolved quickly and properly.

The solution is once again very simple. All you need to do is close the seacocks before the freezing temperatures set in. That way you are preventing any water from staying in the hoses when the freeze sets in, avoiding the problem altogether.

Check on Your Boat Cover Regularly

In some cases, the snow or the strong winds can pull the cover off of your boat regardless of how well you put it up. What’s worse, this problem doesn’t just happen to people who use the old-fashioned tarp, but also those who use the handy shrink wrap.

Even though it is annoying, this problem can be easily fixed by simply going out to check on your boat as often as possible. Even though you cannot prevent it from happening, you can still make sure that the damage is minimal.

Improper Storage Out of Water

If you don’t have your own slip or your boat is not supposed to be kept in the water over the winter, you will have to leave your boat to the marina for storage. The qualified workers haul these boats and store them properly. If anything goes wrong, the marina’s insurance will cover the costs. However, you should still prevent the damage if possible.

Make sure that your boat is supported by enough blocks so that the weight is not concentrated on a single point. This may result in a broken hull or back. Check on the stability of these blocks every once in a while to ensure that no precipitation or wind have caused any kind of change.

If you need any more tips or help with your San Diego ship repair, look no further than San Diego’s Propulsion Controls Engineering. This company has over 40 years of experience with marine repairs and maintenance, as well as numerous contracts with the US Navy. Contact PCE for more information.

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