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Most Common Breakdowns Ship Repair Companies in San Diego Hear About

Most Common Breakdowns Ship Repair Companies in San Diego Hear About

With age, all of our machinery tends to develop some problems, and boats are no different. As if owning a boat wasn’t expensive as it is. However inconvenient boat malfunctions may be, they are largely predictable based on the usage and the type of vessel.

When dealing with boat failure, it is important to know a good boat mechanic, someone who can provide you with the best possible diagnosis, as well as quick and effective repair. 

When it comes to reputable ship repair companies in San Diego, PCE is an expert you can trust. With over 4 decades of experience with maritime repairs, you can trust PCE to be at the forefront of San Diego ship repair industry. The skilled technicians at the company are capable of tackling any issue, from engine breakdowns, to fuel contamination or electrical motor failure.

The Engine

When you know what a boat engine goes through during its lifetime, it is easy to assume that it will be the most likely and the most costly part to break down. It is often recommended by boat professionals and enthusiasts to inspect your boat’s engine before any trip, particularly if you expect to be out at sea for some time.

Preventing an engine failure is much more cost-effective and simple than fixing one. Here are a few diagnostic tips. Check the dipstick for the oil quality. If the oil is milky, the water has gotten into the oil and needs to be replaced. Listen to the engine, just like you would do with a car; the sound can tell you a lot about the state of the engine.

Bilge Pumps

The bilge pump is one piece of equipment that is often unjustly neglected when boat inspection is done by non-professionals. This piece of equipment may end up saving your boat, so make sure that it works properly.

That doesn’t mean flipping a switch on the control panel and being done with it. Do that first, and then go down into the belly of the boat and turn it on manually to be sure that it really does function properly. While you are down there, check the whole system connected to the pump.


This problem is typically reserved for older boats, or those which have really been neglected for a long time, seeing how most manufacturers stopped using untreated wood for shipbuilding. However, it doesn’t hurt to check every once in a while. 

If rotting is going to be a problem, the most likely place to start looking is the transom. Ignore the small cracks, those are almost unavoidable, but be mindful of the bigger cracks, as they may expose the unprotected wood inside which is prone to rotting.

Electrical Problems

The electrical systems of boats are very intricately created and replacing parts of them can be quite a challenge. So, keeping your wiring in good condition is perhaps a better option. Before you set out, check whether all the electrical components work, first one by one, and then all of them at once, to make sure that your onboard power supply can handle the required power output.

Keeping spare fuses onboard is probably good planning, just in case something goes wrong during a trip. Also, any electrical motor failure will likely set you back by putting parts of your boat out of commission, so make sure that it is inspected by professionals.


Leaks are most likely to affect the lower parts of the boat, most likely due to a hairline fracture of the hull. This can cause you a lot of problems in the future and may even expand, which is why it is important to act as soon as you detect the problem.

Talk to ship repair specialists about the best way of locating and repairing the damage.

San Diego Ship Repair Options

As one of the boating hubs of South California, San Diego doesn’t lack boat repair shops. However, when choosing who to put your trust in, always make sure to take into account previous experiences of the company, as well as the durability of the business.

With all the costs of boat ownership, you want to make sure no dollar you spend on repairs or maintenance is wasted. PCE has a stellar track record, and have even been awarded some major projects by the US Navy over the years.

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