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Can You Leave Your Boat in the Water during the Winter

Can You Leave Your Boat in the Water during the Winter

We already talked about how important it is to properly store your boat or yacht during the winter. Depending on where you live, the temperatures might get so low to seriously damage the parts of your boat, including the diesel engine and lead to a number of different problems ranging from aesthetic ones to those that might require you to have your boat inspected at a ship repair facility in San Diego.

However, a lot of people cannot afford to have their boats stored out of water at a marina. In that case, is it safe to leave your boat in your slip and in the water during the winter? The answer is yes in most questions, but depends on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to store your boat in the water without suffering any damage.

Don’t Forget about the Boat

If you decide to leave your boat out in the water all winter long, the worst thing you can do is neglect it. You will have to check your vessel at least once a week throughout the winter to ensure that everything is in order. If the winter does cause some damage to your boat, it is very important to have the issue taken care of as soon as possible. A lot of boats that fell victim to the winter could have been saved if their owners took the time to inspect them regularly.

During the weekly inspection, you should examine the dock lines and see if there’s any damage there. Inspect the hoses, the engine, bilge and other elements that are at a higher risk of getting damaged during the winter. Check how the water is floating and how much water there is in the bilge. If there’s any melted snow in the cockpit or deck find out what the source is.

Keep the Ice Away From the Boat

In some areas, boat owners have to worry about frozen waters. It’s true that the ice has to be really thick to cause some serious damage to the boat, but if you plan on leaving your boat in the water you should consider investing in a de-icer. If you’re storing the boat at a private dock, it’s one of your main responsibilities. To use a de-icing system you will need an AC supply on the dock.

Use a Protective Cover

The second worst thing you can do if you’re storing your boat out in the open during the winter not using a protective cover. This leaves the boat vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions and UV rays throughout the season. It can also expose your boat to a bigger risk of sinking. If you cannot afford a good cover, shrink-wrap your entire vessel but make sure to leave an improvised door so you can enter and inspect. If you cannot afford to cover your ship, make sure to visit the docks after a heavy snow to clear the ice and snow buildup. If the snowstorm is severe, you’ll have to visit the boat as soon as possible.

Winterize the Components

A lot of boat owners think that you can skip the winterization part as your boat is not in frozen water. The reality is that if you decide to leave your boat in the water, winterization is imperative. You have to winterize all the components such as the engine, battery, water systems and AC units. If this is your first time winterizing your boat, you can find a lot of good video tutorials online or have an experienced Ship Repair Facility San Diego expert walk you through it.

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