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Best Marine Events in San Diego

Best Marine Events in San Diego

Summer is here, and I hope you have taken every measure to maintain your boat during the off season. As we are so often reminded, safety comes first. So before you head out to any of the many events offered by the great city of San Diego, make sure you have checked all the systems; to avoid any unpleasantness. If there happens to be a problem with your boat, it is good to know where the best ship repair facility in San Diego is.

Once you got that covered, it is time to open your calendar and mark these events as must-see.

Fleet Week San Diego

This is an amazing event (well, to be exact, a series of events) lasting from September 3rd to October 1st. Its mission, as stated by the organizers, is “…to honor and celebrate the men and women of the military through public events that entertain and alliances that support and thank these heroes.” There are numerous events both on water, land and sea involving the troops. If boats are your thing, don’t miss out on seeing some of the best and mightiest ships ever built.

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights

This is a Christmas tradition lasting for over four decades. It is held on two Sundays in December. This year’s events will be on 11th and 18th of December. The main idea is to have a lot of boats decorated lavishly and beautifully, and then sail them slowly through the entire bay. The parade sets of at the Shelter Island and ends at the Ferry Landing in Coronado. The route is strictly set, so as to ensure the safety of everyone involved, as well as to help the biggest number of spectators view the show. Whether you want to be a spectator or a participant, this is one show worth visiting.

San Diego Sun Road Boat Show

Now, since this event is held in January, you are technically late for the 2016 event, but it is just a few short weeks after the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, so I decided to include it here. It will be held from 26th to 29th January 2017. What to expect from this show? It promises to attract the biggest names in boating industry, who will come to offer their products and services. You can also expect to see both new and used boats for sale, as well as some amazing boat rides. In addition to that, the organizers offer some free boating seminars, which is always nice. An avid boating enthusiast will remember to put this down in their calendar.

Independence Day Fireworks

There are numerous sites where you can see the fireworks in San Diego for the 4th July. There’s the Coronado Celebration with fireworks over the Glorietta Bay, the Ocean Beach, with fireworks fired from the Ocean Beach pier, and many more. The one that really stands out from the rest is probably the Annual Big Bay Boom in the San Diego bay. It has fireworks on barges off shore, so you can guess it will be spectacular. What would make it even more so is seeing it from the comfort of your boat, from a safe distance, of course.

I keep returning to the safety aspect of boating. It is vital in boating to keep a well-maintained machine. If one element fails, the chain reaction of malfunctions can occur. It is therefore essential that you visit a ship repair facility in San Diego any time you haven’t used your boat for a long time, or if you have noticed some change in the behavior of your boat. It is all to ensure you have many more years of safe and happy boating.
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