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A Systematic Approach to AC Motor Repair Procedure

A Systematic Approach to AC Motor Repair Procedure

The ANSI/EASA AR100-2010: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus is the US national standard for how to properly conduct an AC motor repair procedure. It lists the best practices for testing, mechanical repair, and electrical repair, including electric motor rewinding in San Diego. This aids apparatus technicians and rebuilders in maintaining or improving the reliability, energy efficiency, and overall performance of DC and AC generators and motors.

The AR100 advantage

The greatest benefit of AR100 is that it outlines the best repair practices. This also guarantees that dependable service centers will follow an AC motor repair procedure as well as a thorough motor rewinding procedure that conforms with the tried and tested US national standard. It assures the end user that an AC motor rewinding service performed by a repair company will be conducted according to the accepted formula for motor rewinding that observes the proven basics of motor rewinding in a way most beneficial to you, the end user. Read on to learn more about the standard (and best) repair practices, and how it can help you if your electric motor refuses to start or is working at a greatly reduced efficiency.

Stator core inspection and testing during an AC motor repair procedure

The practices advocated by AR100 mostly concentrate on finding core degradation such as shorts between laminations that result in higher stator heating and losses. These include loop testing after and before the winding is removed, replacement or repair of damaged laminations, and thorough inspection of any core loss increases. All this allows technicians to recognize a faulty core prior to repair or, more importantly, before the repaired machine is returned to service.

Winding data

Duplicating the original winding is critical when it comes to maintaining or restoring motor reliability, energy efficiency, and performance. For this reason, AR100 advocates checking and recording the accuracy of the "as found" rewinding information before removing the old winding during an AC motor repair procedure. Furthermore, it recommends keeping the conductors' cross-sectional area larger or the same in the new winding. Good practices like these will reduce or maintain winding losses and resistance, effectively increasing its energy efficiency and longevity.

Winding insulation system

AR100 advocates ensuring that the new winding's insulation system is equal or better than the original one, and that only 100% compatible components are used. This is normally achieved by using class F systems for form coil windings, and class H systems for random windings.

Inspection and testing

AR100 encourages thorough procedures that ensure a repaired motor is going to last. The recommended tests include a preliminary inspection, followed by an insulation resistance test, surge comparison tests, high potential tests, no load testing, and instrument calibration. A repair company that observes all these recommendations is sure to produce a quality repair that results in lasting reliability.

Receive the most reliable AC motor repair procedure in San Diego

Are you looking for a dependable ship repair company in San Diego that can provide top quality motor rewinding services that respect all the good practices outlined in AR100? Then you've come to the right place. PCE boasts more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Our devotion to providing a quality service is such that the US Navy has had multiple contracts with us over the years. Call us today!

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