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When Downtime Is Not An Option.


Duramax 6.6l Turbo Diesel Repair Experts Point out Common Problems

Ever since the manufacture started back in 2001, the 6.6l Duramax has proven to be a reliable and durable choice for most owners. Many versions of this engine have been produced in the following 15 years, but they were all built upon the original. Every additional 6.6l Duramax produced builds upon its predecessor, perfecting and modifying the product to stay relevant in a very competitive market while meeting the ever-changing emission guidelines.

But not unlike most engines, the Duramax is known to suffer from a number of inherent problems. While some of these issues can be solved through modifications, sometimes 6.6l turbo diesel repair can prove to be a real challenge. The first step in this challenge is identifying the problem, and listed below are some of the most common ones.


Explaining the Difference between Actuator and Governor

A lot of confusion arises over the difference between the governor and the actuator. And while they both play an important part in any engine, there’s a notable difference between how these two operate. In order to shed some light on the difference between actuator and governor, our expert mechanics at PCE describe how each of these devices works.


Comprehensive Guide to Woodward Governor Models

A governor is a piece of equipment that regulates the load in an engine or a turbine and maintains its constant speed, given that if the load is increased, the engine speed will change as well. However, the governor will alter the fuel flow in order to maintain a constant speed of the engine or a turbine. The same goes for decreasing the load, meaning that if the load becomes lighter, generator speed will abruptly increase. However, the governor decreases the flow of fuel or steam until the speed is normalized and reverted to the set parameters. 


20 Common Boiler Problems: Boiler Repair San Diego

Boilers have a long life expectancy, anywhere between 10 to 15 years. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience some issues during this time. If the boiler’s functionality has been compromised, the flow of hot water could be disrupted, which is a major inconvenience for any family. Apart from that, some malfunctions could even prove to be dangerous to the homeowners. A sure way to prevent this from happening is to schedule regular checkups with a professional company specializing in boiler repair in San Diego, such as PCE. Our experts have listed 20 most common boiler problems and advice on how to proceed with fixing them.


Emergency Boiler Control Valve Repair San Diego

The boiler control valve is the most common part of the heating system to give homeowners a headache due to often unforeseen malfunctions. In this article PCE-employed, experienced team of mechanics specializing in boiler control valve repair in San Diego explain how boiler control valves work, what their function is, and what you can do in case you ever experience a fault in your heating system due to the control valve malfunction.


Expert Advice on Bleed Air Valve Repair San Diego

An Air Bleed Valve is a mechanism used to discharge trapped air from a hot water-based heating systems. As air can amass within the plumbing system, these valves are a crucial part in making sure that the heating system runs properly. If the air bleed valve malfunctions, the air concentration in the heating system will increase, leading to symptoms such as a bubbling sound within the pipelines or heat not being distributed at all. In this article the experts at PCE, specialized in bleed air valve repair in San Diego, will go through the basics of bleed air valve repair and maintenance.


Cooler Repair San Diego Experts Explain Leak Causes and Fixes

A leaky charge air cooler can cause a myriad of problems for your engine, from reduced efficiency to permanent, often expensive-to-fix damage. There are numerous ways to repair a leaking cooler, some temporary and some more permanent. But in order to know what you are signing up for, you need to be aware of some of the most popular cooler repair methods before you start looking for the best mechanic to handle your cooler repair in San Diego.


Hydraulic Valve Repair in San Diego Simplified

We already gave the overview of valves in one of our previous posts. It was stated there that valves are incredibly useful in many situations and have many applications. This post will focus on one particular use - hydraulic valves. They are used in hydraulic systems to regulate the flow, pressure or volume of the fluid that passes through them. They can also manage the direction of the flow, which is a useful feature in many such systems.

Maintaining the valves of your machinery is as vital as keeping the machinery operational. In order to ensure that the downtime due to malfunctions is minimal, contact the premier mechanics in San Diego County, PCE. The expertise and experience of the mechanics at PCE will ensure that you get the best hydraulic valve repair San Diego service.


Heat Exchanger Repair San Diego: Car Radiators

What you may not have known about your car’s radiator is that it is a type of a heat exchanger. The technical term comes from the purpose of the device. It cools down the engine by absorbing heat form it, and then gets cooled by the atmospheric air. The way it does it is by using the engine coolant (mostly water with some added antifreeze).


Evaporator Repair San Diego: Common Issues with the Evaporator Unit

Boats are designed to be autonomous for long periods of time. As long as you can store everything you need on it, you can potentially spend your entire life never docking and never leaving your vessel. Sadly for boat enthusiasts, the storage space on boats is limited, and so is the independence from external sources. Still, thanks to the evaporators, there’s one resource you do not need to store - water.

A boat crew can spend up to 100 liters of water per day for everyday use. Naturally, seawater is abrasive and out of the question for most uses on board, whether for cooking, drinking, or engine purposes, the salt content just precludes its use. We need fresh water for all of that. So, rather than lugging large quantities of water from mainland, the evaporator enables the distillation of fresh water straight from the sea surrounding you.


Easy Hydraulic Pump Repair in San Diego

Hydraulic pumps are pretty useful devices. They are capable of converting mechanical energy into hydrostatic energy. This makes them ideal for lifting, lowering, opening and closing various components of complex mechanical systems. However, pumps do break down on occasion. And when they do, you want the best experts to diagnose, repair and restore your pump as soon as possible. That’s why PCE exists, to help you when downtime is not an option.

To figure out what could have gone wrong with your pump, you need to know what type of hydraulic pump you have. The most common types to be found in boats and other vehicles are gear pumps and piston pumps. Here’s a brief description of the basic types.


Why Are Valves Important?

Most people probably don’t realize just how ubiquitous and indispensable valves are. Do you know how many valves you use every day? And how important they are for our everyday life? Probably not, since we usually take them for granted, except when they malfunction. And when they do, we want those valves repaired fast. Luckily, valve repair in San Diego is largely an easy task.

There is a fascinating story behind valves, and here’s a summary.


How to Know Your Fuel Pump Needs a Checkup?

Most internal combustion engines use a fuel pump. These devices ensure that a constant and proper amount of fuel is delivered to the engine from the tank. I said most, because there are some exceptions, which will be mentioned later on.

So how can you tell if your fuel pump requires a repair?

Follow these simple guidelines, and if you recognize your issue anywhere on this list, consult the best San Diego pump repair facility immediately.


What You Need to Know Prior to Fan Coil Repair

If you have little experience with the technical details of your air conditioning system, it may shock you when your AC mechanic tells you that you need a fan coil repair in a San Diego summer. What is it, anyway? Luckily for you, there is a simple way to explain the concept of a fan coil and how it works. Read through this text and you will no longer be clueless about the inner workings of your AC.


Electric Motor Repair San Diego: Overview

An electric motor is a device which converts electric energy to mechanical energy, the opposite of an electric generator. These devices have an extremely versatile role in the today’s society and their applications just keep on multiplying. For example, the latest addition to the ever-growing roster of devices using an electric motor are drones. Therefore, knowing where to get a good electric motor repair San Diego service seems like a smart idea. But how much do you know about your electric motor to begin with?


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