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When Downtime Is Not An Option.


What is Electronically Controlled Common Rail Fuel Injection and what are its Benefits?

The steady increase in using engineering machinery in various industries, coupled with the huge demand for transport vehicles, has for many years been the main source of pollution. As the environment suffered from our desire to make everything easier and expand our industry to meet our consumer demands, engine manufacturers around the world have shifted their resources towards protecting the Earth. Countries around the world, as well as major industries, have started taking steps towards reducing their carbon emission. Among the most successful technologies implemented towards achieving this goal is the electronically controlled common rail fuel injection technology.


How to Check Ford 6.0 Injectors for Problems?

Even though diesel engines have computer controls, not every problem is easy to detect. Indeed, troubleshooting 6.0L Ford injectors can be more complex than you would imagine.


Cummins 5.9 l Fuel Pump diagnosis and repair options

The fuel system of a Cummins 5.9 l engine is a bit more complicated than what you would expect from a diesel engine. The engine actually needs two separate fuel pumps. The lift pump draws the fuel straight from the fuel tank. It is then syphoned to the main injection pump which feeds the engine.

With such an elaborate system, there’s more chance of something going wrong. If and when it does, you need a good mechanic to sort your problems out. San Diego County can rely on PCE for all diesel related troubles, whether it’s cars, boats or other machinery. The company also offers a wide variety of other mechanical services, in addition to Cummins 5.9L fuel pump repair.


Cummins 5.9 l fuel injectors repair - common issues and solutions

It’s a real let-down when our trusted diesel engines fail us. Still, it does happen. And when it does, you had better have a solid, knowledgeable mechanic to help you. San Diego County can rely on PCE for any and all diesel engine troubles, including Cummins 5.9L fuel injectors repair, as well as a variety of other mechanical services.


6.0L Turbo Repair: Common Turbo Problems and Upgrades

When Ford 6.0l Power Stroke first appeared in 2004, it was considered revolutionary because it achieved quicker turbo response while meeting the strict emission regulations. At the time, it outdid competitors such as Chrysler’s Cummins and GM’s Duramax. However, the engine proved to be a little bit more volatile than expected, so ultimately it had to be recalled several times. Many problems that kept arising even lead to a number of class action lawsuits.

Still, 6.0l Power Stroke is still widely used today and it perfectly normal to say that it’s considerably safer and more efficient than back in the day.

How is that possible?


Guide to 6.6l Duramax Fuel Injector Repair, Replacement and Common Issues

When it was released back in 2001, the 6.6L Duramax engine was considered the apogee of diesel engine design. The fact that the original design has not changed, but has only been improved upon, speaks for itself. However, before all the modifications the later models were equipped with, Duramax was not problem-free.

In our previous article, we’ve talked about some of the most common issues early models suffered from. And most of those issues had one word in common: injectors. Injectors for 6.6l Duramax diesel, especially in its earlier incarnations, had a bad habit of failing before the engine reached a certain mileage.

A failing injector can cause a number of problems, most commonly leaking fuel into the engine. As these injectors were often very expensive and difficult to repair, the manufacturer was forced to extend the warranty and improve the design.


Duramax 6.6l Turbo Diesel Repair Experts Point out Common Problems

Ever since the manufacture started back in 2001, the 6.6l Duramax has proven to be a reliable and durable choice for most owners. Many versions of this engine have been produced in the following 15 years, but they were all built upon the original. Every additional 6.6l Duramax produced builds upon its predecessor, perfecting and modifying the product to stay relevant in a very competitive market while meeting the ever-changing emission guidelines.

But not unlike most engines, the Duramax is known to suffer from a number of inherent problems. While some of these issues can be solved through modifications, sometimes 6.6l turbo diesel repair can prove to be a real challenge. The first step in this challenge is identifying the problem, and listed below are some of the most common ones.


Explaining the Difference between Actuator and Governor

A lot of confusion arises over the difference between the governor and the actuator. And while they both play an important part in any engine, there’s a notable difference between how these two operate. In order to shed some light on the difference between actuator and governor, our expert mechanics at PCE describe how each of these devices works.


Comprehensive Guide to Woodward Governor Models

A governor is a piece of equipment that regulates the load in an engine or a turbine and maintains its constant speed, given that if the load is increased, the engine speed will change as well. However, the governor will alter the fuel flow in order to maintain a constant speed of the engine or a turbine. The same goes for decreasing the load, meaning that if the load becomes lighter, generator speed will abruptly increase. However, the governor decreases the flow of fuel or steam until the speed is normalized and reverted to the set parameters. 


20 Common Boiler Problems: Boiler Repair San Diego

Boilers have a long life expectancy, anywhere between 10 to 15 years. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t experience some issues during this time. If the boiler’s functionality has been compromised, the flow of hot water could be disrupted, which is a major inconvenience for any family. Apart from that, some malfunctions could even prove to be dangerous to the homeowners. A sure way to prevent this from happening is to schedule regular checkups with a professional company specializing in boiler repair in San Diego, such as PCE. Our experts have listed 20 most common boiler problems and advice on how to proceed with fixing them.


Emergency Boiler Control Valve Repair San Diego

The boiler control valve is the most common part of the heating system to give homeowners a headache due to often unforeseen malfunctions. In this article PCE-employed, experienced team of mechanics specializing in boiler control valve repair in San Diego explain how boiler control valves work, what their function is, and what you can do in case you ever experience a fault in your heating system due to the control valve malfunction.


Expert Advice on Bleed Air Valve Repair San Diego

An Air Bleed Valve is a mechanism used to discharge trapped air from a hot water-based heating systems. As air can amass within the plumbing system, these valves are a crucial part in making sure that the heating system runs properly. If the air bleed valve malfunctions, the air concentration in the heating system will increase, leading to symptoms such as a bubbling sound within the pipelines or heat not being distributed at all. In this article the experts at PCE, specialized in bleed air valve repair in San Diego, will go through the basics of bleed air valve repair and maintenance.


Cooler Repair San Diego Experts Explain Leak Causes and Fixes

A leaky charge air cooler can cause a myriad of problems for your engine, from reduced efficiency to permanent, often expensive-to-fix damage. There are numerous ways to repair a leaking cooler, some temporary and some more permanent. But in order to know what you are signing up for, you need to be aware of some of the most popular cooler repair methods before you start looking for the best mechanic to handle your cooler repair in San Diego.


Hydraulic Valve Repair in San Diego Simplified

We already gave the overview of valves in one of our previous posts. It was stated there that valves are incredibly useful in many situations and have many applications. This post will focus on one particular use - hydraulic valves. They are used in hydraulic systems to regulate the flow, pressure or volume of the fluid that passes through them. They can also manage the direction of the flow, which is a useful feature in many such systems.

Maintaining the valves of your machinery is as vital as keeping the machinery operational. In order to ensure that the downtime due to malfunctions is minimal, contact the premier mechanics in San Diego County, PCE. The expertise and experience of the mechanics at PCE will ensure that you get the best hydraulic valve repair San Diego service.


Heat Exchanger Repair San Diego: Car Radiators

What you may not have known about your car’s radiator is that it is a type of a heat exchanger. The technical term comes from the purpose of the device. It cools down the engine by absorbing heat form it, and then gets cooled by the atmospheric air. The way it does it is by using the engine coolant (mostly water with some added antifreeze).


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