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When Downtime Is Not An Option.


What does the Extended Cummins Warranty cover?

It is standard practice in the USA and in most other areas of the world that the producers of goods guarantee for the quality of their products. Most commonly, they promise that the product will work without a problem for a set period of time. 

In case something goes wrong, the company is held accountable, and repairs or replaces the product free of charge. That’s the idea, anyway. However, some companies craft their warranties so cunningly and unintelligibly that no one is sure what they are offering.

Buying a big diesel engine is no small investment. Therefore you should know what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. Cummins is a famous company with good reputation. However, it can’t hurt to seriously delve into the kind of warranty they are offering for their engines.

The statement is over 200 pages long. However, this is a unified warranty for all their products, so only a part of this document is really related to the product you have bought.


What the Serial Number Tells Us about Your Volvo Penta Marine Engine

If you own a Volvo Penta marine engine you’ve no doubt noticed a metal tag engrossed on the engine or the outdrive. That metal tag contains the serial number and the engine identification. Whenever you contact a marine engine service to schedule routine maintenance for your Volvo Penta or have your engine inspected or repaired, the staff will ask you for the serial number first.


Common Rail Injector Maintenance: The Best Way to Keep Your Volvo Penta in Its Prime

The safest way to ensure your Volvo Penta diesel engine performs its best is to keep its common rail injectors clean and make sure they are operating properly. If the fuel injectors are not subjected to regular cleaning and maintenance, your engine will not deliver optimal results and will use far more fuel than it should.

If not cleaned regularly, deposits build up on the injector tips. This usually happens once the engine is shut down and there is still some fuel left on the fuel injector tips. These deposits interfere and mix with the clean fuel and can significantly hinder your engine’s performance.


Different Types of Marine Diesel Engines

Most contemporary boats run on diesel engines. In fact, diesel engines have been the powerhouses of boats for over 100 years. The first one was installed in a Danish ship Selandia in 1912. If you are looking to buy a boat, or are thinking of rebuilding your boat, one of the most important things on board is the engine. There are several different types of marine diesel engines to choose from. All have some advantages and some drawbacks. Listed below is a brief description of all types.


Why do boats have a diesel generator?

A large majority of boats are powered by diesel engines. These powerful machines are typically strong enough to provide propulsion and electricity for the whole vessel. However, these machines are also quite loud and can consume a lot of fuel. While the boat is moving, the main engine runs and powers everything on it.

 However, when the boat stops somewhere, main engines are typically shut off in order to save fuel. There is a drawback there; all the electricity is now provided by your onboard batteries. As with all batteries, their charge is far from infinite. Once the batteries are depleted, you have to restart your engine just to charge them again. Or, rather, you would have to do that if your boat didn’t have a power generator.


Fuel Injection San Diego Experts Explain the Basics of CRDI

Common rail Direct Injection or CRDI is a system used to inject fuel into the cylinders of a diesel engine directly, via a single line known as the common rail. This line is connected to all the fuel injectors inside the engine.
Traditional fuel-injection systems used in diesel engines relied on building up pressure for every injection cycle. The new systems maintain a constant pressure level at all times so that it is available through the fuel line at all times. The engine regulates the pressure depending on the load and the speed of the engine.

An electronic unit or ECU adjusts the pressure using sophisticated sensors placed throughout the engine. This way, injection and compression are independent and fuel can be injected when needed. This helps reduce dangerous emissions and saves valuable fuel.


Finding and Fixing Common Marine Diesel Engine Issues at Sea

Having your ship subjected to routine maintenance by a reputable and reliable company that specializes in ship repair in San Diego is the best way to ensure your diesel engine does not break down out in the sea. But sometimes unpredictable circumstances can lead to the engine breaking down when you need it the most. Fortunately, troubleshooting diesel engine issues is not that difficult and every ship owner needs to learn how to do it for this particular reason.

When a diesel engine stops it is likely because one of the many processes gets interrupted. If you can find what went wrong and set it back on track, you will be able to get the engine going again. If not, you may need to hire an expert to examine what went wrong.
In this article, we are going to list some of the most common causes of a diesel engine failure, how to identify them and most importantly how to fix them.


Is a diesel engine a good choice for a truck?

Americans are used to a certain type of vehicle. Traditionally termed ‘gas guzzlers’, these are large trucks or SUVs typically paired with massive engines. Both gasoline and diesel engines are available, and the choice is left for the individual consumer to make. So, what should you pick if you are getting a big truck?


Troubleshooting Cold Start Issues with Volvo Penta Repair San Diego Experts

Volvo Penta marine diesel engines are prone to cold start issues that result in smoke, possibly more than any other engines by their competitors. Luckily, these issues can be found and resolved after a thorough checkup and elimination of all potential causes.
These engines have been on the market for quite a while and despite an occasional issue remain one of the best choices for most cruisers. That said, one of the most common issues with Volvo Penta marine engines is that they develop smoke after a cold start, provided they start in the first place.


Why is 6.0 l Ford Powerstroke Engine Prone to Breakages

In the USA, owning a car is practically mandatory, seeing how the distances between places are vast and the public transport is virtually non-existent. Picking the right car can be difficult, but reliability is usually high on the list of demands. In some cases, you cannot predict the problems which you may encounter.

One such engine is Ford’s 6.0 L Powerstroke diesel engine. Certain series of this engine have suffered from quality issues, and if you have had the bad luck to have one of these engines, there are potentially a lot of problems ahead of you. What you need is a reliable partner, who can fix anything and everything mechanical. PCE has been a staple of San Diego County’s marine, diesel and mechanical community for decades.


How to Keep Your Onan Diesel RV Generator in Its Prime

We rely heavily on Diesel RV generators to provide power once we are off-shore. But owners often forget the fact that these machines require regular maintenance in order to be fully operational. If you do not take proper care of your Diesel RV Generator when you need it the least, it might fail you when you need it the most.

While your boat is plugged into a land-based power supply, the generator usually remains idle. But once you set out and away from the shore, your RV generator refuses to start, leaving you powerless.


How to Avoid Expensive Trips to Diesel Truck Repair Shops

There are many great ways to earn money in the trucking business, but also many ways to lose them. Expensive repairs are number one item on any truckers’ list of things they hope will not happen to them. Every trucker knows how expensive diesel engine repairs can be. You can hire good truckers and thoroughly educate them, but ultimately it all comes down to the quality of your equipment. If you want to succeed you need to have reliable equipment and find reliable partners to keep it on the road.

Many truckers running their own business are mostly concerned with saving money. And there are several ways to avoid expensive trips to diesel truck repair shops in San Diego, and most of them are based around common sense. Unfortunately, many owner-operators tend to neglect these issues until they come around with a payback. So how can you cut these costs? In this article we’ll explain some of the ways.


Troubleshooting your Westerbeke Diesel Generator

The Westerbeke Company has been in the business of building diesel generators for over 75 years. This makes Westerbeke diesel generators a solid choice for boat manufacturers and owners. However, they are not immune to various malfunctions, just like any other type of machinery.

In cases when you need Westerbeke repair in San Diego, it is good to know a reliable repair shop. PCE has been repairing and maintaining diesel generators and other boat equipment for 40 years. Our qualified and experienced staff can identify and solve a variety of diesel problems.

Here are some of the more common faults with Westerbeke diesel generators.


What Can Go Wrong with Cummins Diesel Engines?

There are plenty of machines that use the Cummins diesel engines, and as all engines out there, Cummins engines aren’t perfect. They occasionally suffer breakages. Some of these malfunctions are more common than others, and below there is a list of common faults with Cummins engines that you should be on a lookout for.

If you need a Cummins diesel engine repair anywhere in San Diego County, find yourself a skilled mechanic. PCE has been the staple of diesel engine repair in the area for decades, and the skilled mechanics there continually perfect their skills in order to provide the very best service to the customers.


The Most Common Issues with Ford 6.0 Injectors

Replacing everyone’s favorite 7.3L in the 2004 line, the 6.0L featured a new design that was implemented to meet the strict emission regulations. Furthermore, it faced a challenge of maintaining the competitive edge Ford boasted on the international market. The engine was considered cutting-edge back when it was first presented, with a faster turbo response, more advanced features and boasting more power than its predecessors. The 6.0L was the leader in the industry, but the excitement soon faded as the engine kept being recalled year after year.

There’s still no proof that the model year and its reliability are correlated, but one thing owners agree is that the 6.0L is much more unreliable than they’ve come to expect from a diesel engine. Fortunately, the most common issues are easy to find and fix and any issues that appear do so early in its use. Our expert technicians explain how to check Ford 6.0 injectors for problems and how to recognize other performance issues you should be aware of.


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