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When Downtime Is Not An Option.


What is Cummins Care Marine?

Cummins is among the top producers of marine engines and a variety of other marine and diesel equipment. However, even the best engines break down sometimes and they certainly need regular maintenance.

Fortunately, Cummins has a wide network of partners where you can get the best service and original parts. The most reliable place to get everything you need for your Cummins in San Diego is PCE. There you can get all the support you need on account of your Cummins Care Marine service. But what is Cummins Care Marine and what does it cover?


Are Refurbished Cummins Engines Good?

If your marine engine is on its last legs, you may already be considering a replacement. In most cases, it is useful to consider refurbished engines as well as new ones.

However, the problem with refurbished engines is that they can be a bit unreliable and you never know how well they will perform. Cummins refurbished engines, on the other hand, are done by the parent company itself and they call it ReCon. Here’s what you need to know about it before you decide if that is the best option for you.


Salvage Your Submerged Outboard, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we wrote about the initial steps when rebuilding an engine which spent some time under water. Naturally, the sooner you get it out of the water, the better. However, as we mentioned, you shouldn’t do it if you haven’t prepared everything else, or you risk rusting your engine and potentially ruining it completely.

In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional to do this. There are plenty of ship repair companies in San Diego, so you are spoilt for choice. Make sure that you check the credentials of the company before you hire them.


The Most Common Electric Motor Breakdowns

Electric motors work hard and over time can break down and cause you problems. Fortunately, there are some breakdowns which are more common than others, and if you spot some signs that could indicate a problem, you can probably save yourself a lot of money and a lot of frustration.

If you need an electric motor repair in San Diego, make sure that you check the credentials of the company you want to hire before you commit to anything.


Salvage Your Submerged Outboard, Part 1

Many people who live in the coastal areas of Southern USA have experienced hurricanes’ awesome power. Sadly, this year’s hurricanes have done extensive damage and caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage. Among these damages are boats, too.

So, what can you do if your outboard engine has been under water? Can you salvage it and make it run again? This process is called pickling, and here’s how it can be done. However, keep in mind that there’s a chance of an explosion, so it may be better to find a professional to help you. The best place to go for ship repair in San Diego is PCE.


How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter

Winter is coming, and with it, your boat is likely in for a hibernation cycle. If you want it to be in perfect shape when you take it out in the open next season you have to make sure you take several protective measures before you store your boat. The freezing temperatures are not your only or your worst enemy. Inactivity can really take a toll on the boat and all of its systems, and before long you’d be looking for a company specializing in diesel engine repair in San Diego.

A lot of these steps are related to general maintenance, not just mechanical stuff, but a lot of them are as vital as getting your engine or fuel tank winterized. Here are some of the most important ship winterization steps.


How to Recognize and Prevent a Diesel Bug Contamination in Your Engine

Diesel bug has always been a major issue for boat owners, especially in recent years. It develops when microbial bacteria, algae, and mold contaminate the fuel tank. They use water and other nutrients to grow into a slimy biofilm that floats on the fuel and spreads across the fuel systems. 

The microorganisms thrive in specific temperatures, around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. There are over 100 types of this bacteria, and some of them are even airborne. The water in a fuel tank is fertile ground for this menace to grow. Some breeds can grow from a fraction of a gram to more than 22lbs in a day. Others grow slower but can create problems nonetheless, as they release byproducts such as hydrogen sulfide.


The Most Common Boat Breakdowns, Part 2

We have published the first part of this guide to the most common breakdowns in boats recently. This part deals with some additional common problems.

If you’ve missed the first part of our guide to the most common boat breakdowns, you can find it here. San Diego ship repair experts here at Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE) talk about boat breakdowns they encounter regularly.


The Most Common Boat Breakdowns, Part 1

Boating enthusiasts will tell you that there’s nothing better than going out to sea, no matter how old your boat is. However, if you’re not careful, your boat might break down and then you’ll be stuck in the middle of the ocean with a broken boat.

Here at Propulsion Controls Engineering (PCE), one of the most respectable ship repair companies in San Diego, our mechanics are often tasked with fixing a few common issues, no matter the type or size of the vessel. In this article, we give you the rundown of the most likely breakdowns and how to fix them on the go. Finally, there are some useful tips on how to prevent these kinds of problems again.


How to Deal With Boat Steering Failure?

Imagine this: you’re out in the open sea when suddenly your steering system starts failing. What do you do? Do you try to tame your yacht or come to a stop? And how can you fix the system so you can safely return to the harbor? In this article, we are going to teach you how to act in case of a steering failure.

Steering systems are fairly simple and rarely fail. That is why many boat owners take them for granted and don’t provide them with the maintenance they require. Two main reasons why steering systems fail are a lack of maintenance and damage sustained during an impact. If this happens, you will completely lose control of your vessel.


How Maintenance Can Help Your Electric Motor Run Longer and More Efficiently

In order to make sure your electric motor stays in its prime, you need to make sure it gets proper maintenance regularly. Any type of vehicle or vessel, be it a car, truck or a boat, that relies on an electric motor to work will benefit from maintenance, as it guarantees that the component will produce the right amount of power to run the vehicle without unnecessary strain and extra costs that come with it.  

While we often take electric motors for granted, they are complex pieces of machinery and require regular preventive maintenance. Following a checklist can help you minimize the strain on your electric and make sure all its components are working properly. 

In this article, our electric motor service San Diego experts list the four essential maintenance tips for electric motors.


The Green Benefits of Rewinding Your Electric Motor

Once your electric motor kicks the bucket you’ve only got two options: replace or rewind. However, owners are not that full of trust when it comes to electric motor rewinding. Because of faulty practices in the past, the process had earned quite a nasty reputation. Motor owners still believe that rewinding the motor reduces its efficiency, making it the less ideal of the two alternatives. This also led many to replace their old motor with a high-efficiency variant because of the belief that it was better for the environment. The truth is that rewinding your motor is the better choice for both you and the environment if you have a licensed expert like San Diego’s PCE handle the process.


A Brief Insight into Ship Maintenance

If you want your boat to run successfully all through its work life, you need to perform regular maintenance. Boats usually have strong engines and other heavy duty machinery. This machinery needs constant attention in order to put out its maximum.

It is a good idea to have all your check-ups at the same place, so as to have the mechanic be familiar with the state of your ship. This way, they can notice the difference in operation between the two maintenance check-ups, potentially preventing a breakdown before it happens. If it does happen, make sure you have the best mechanics around to fix it for you. PCE is a San Diego ship repair and maintenance facility with ties to the US Navy and over four decades of experience.

So, how does ship maintenance work? When do you do it? How often?


Do Not Neglect Your Bilge Pumps

Bilge pumps are as useful as they are disregarded. They are your last resort against sinking in the worst case scenario. Do you know how many of these pumps you have? Do you know if they’re operational? If it came to it, would you know how to run them? If you feel like you don’t know as much as you should, read the rest of this article to learn more.


Volvo Diesel Engine Troubleshooting, Part 2

We recently put up the first part of this text in order to help people with Volvo Penta engines find some common faults with this engine, as well as find the quickest possible solutions for those problems without needing to visit a mechanic. 

If you are having issues with your Volvo diesel engine, but didn’t find the solution in part 1, here is part 2 with a few more tips on diagnosing your engine problems.

If you aren’t skilled in mechanics, you shouldn’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. That is better left to professionals with ample experience in the field.


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